Every once in awhile it’s okay to play hooky, right? This big boy and I took Julia to the doctor to get the second round of her flu shot, and then dropped her off at daycare to have a day just to ourselves. He knew it was going to be a good day when he got to pick out a Thomas the Train sticker for Julia after her shot and keep it all to himself! We hit up Target and he helped me pick out a few of his Christmas presents, and a few birthday presents for his full social calendar of parties to attend this month! Then we stopped by the park and played some football. Because if it’s baseball or football these days, this boy is obsessed. We grabbed some Chic-Fil-A lunch and spent some quality time together. Because Mommy’s days off don’t come often enough. 

But the most exciting part of Mitchell’s day with Mommy was a trip to one of his favorites! How can you not like a place covered from wall-to-wall in giant inflatables? It’s a two year old’s dream! 

These days are so special and these moments together are so rare. I’m treasuring the time we get to spend solo together, and it’ll be fun to see how our Mommy&Mitchell dates evolve as he keeps growing and starts developing his own interests! But for now, football and jumping with a side of nuggets and waffle fries, it is. 

One thought on “Mitchell&Mommy

  1. Sometimes I look through your pictures and think “Gosh, how does she ever decide which ones to frame?!”. You are all so photogenic and take the best pictures! Love how much you treasure the fleeting time you have with each of your babies!


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