Eleven Months of Julia

My next monthly post Julia will be a whole year, and if I’m being fair to Mitchell, it will be my very last monthly update. Goodness, time flies. Her personality is better than ever. It feels like we’re just getting to figure out who this sweet little girl is going to turn out to be, and I’m convinced that is one of the most fun parts of being a mother. 

Everyone says your second baby will be nothing like your first, and when it comes to Julia and Mitchell, I’d have to say they’re wrong. Thus far, their temperaments are nearly identical. If I had to pick out a few differences, I’d have to say Mitchell was a little more vocal in his baby babble, and Julia is a little bit more of a cuddler. But when it comes to happy, easy, sleeping, love-to-eat babies – they excel. She loves her carseat. She’ll eat whatever you put on her plate and won’t stop until the food stops coming. She immediately sleeps when you put her in her crib. She loves to have lots of blankies. She could care less if her diaper is soggy. And she’s happy to entertain herself around the house. All just like her big brother. 

Without counting, I think she has about ten teeth in. She was an early teeth grower, and thankfully, she never showed discomfort. She’s had quite the bout of sickness this fall. Nothing terrible, but a fever that seems to come and with the day. This girl can be a 102 and feel like she just ran a race, but she still crawls around giggling, happy as can be. I guess if you’re going to have a sick baby, at least we’ve got a happy one. 

Julia is 23 pounds. Size 5 diapers. (Pampers Swaddlers!). One day she woke up and didn’t really care to drink her bottle. She still has about three a day, but she is much more into solid foods than Mitchell was. She is happy to go to sleep without a bottle, so long as she has her pacifier, which is a-okay with me because we still need to wean Mitchell off his nightly bottle of milk at night. 18 month – 2T clothes. I have some TALL children. Thanks to my husband. Size 5-6 shoes, so I guess you could add on I have some big-footed children too. Her hair is starting to fill in and grow long! With curls! We’ve started a daily ponytail for daycare, because it’s in her face otherwise. I was already cutting Mitchell’s hair by this stage, so this hair fixing thing is new to me! 

Tomorrow she officially moves up to her new classroom at daycare. Bye bye, infants! I’m sad, mainly because I love her teachers. But I know it’s the right move, because she’s the big girl on the block in the infant classroom. They’re moving her a little early, but I guess that comes with the territory when you’re a little sister. 

She says “Ma-ma,” “duh!” (duck), “quah” (quack), “Dah” (Dad), “moh” (more), and “bah” (bottle). It’s crazy to me, because this is totally different than Mitchell. It seems like she’s associating so many sounds with words, and it amazes me! 

Her eleventh month has come and gone, and my days of being a baby mom are quickly fleeting. I know our next year will just be better, but it’s hard to let go of that brand new stage when you know how quickly it passes! 

I love this little girl to pieces, and I’m still in awe that I get to be her mother. And that she’s mine. And she’s here to stay. And I don’t have to take her back like the Red Box movie that sat on our kitchen counter for a whole week. I love her personality and her goofy grin and her gap-teeth and her red hair. 

Coming soon on the blog – LOTS! A little ice skating adventure, Christmas decor galore, our Christmas cards, and family in town! Meanwhile I’m over here meal planning and Spain researching and birthday party crafting and cleaning like a crazy woman getting ready for all the fun we get to have in the next month! 

One thought on “Eleven Months of Julia

  1. She is quite the picture taker! So so cute. I am glad there are other children who run around with soggy diapers without a care in the world. I really think my George could run around all day in the same diaper and not care one iota. (Gross, George.)


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