Ice Skating 2015

Rewind a little bit to our Thanksgiving in Kansas. I’ve been jumping ahead, because we’ve had so much happening lately. But I definitely don’t want to skip over my Mommy&Mitchell ice skating date! We took him ice skating for his very first time last year, and I was pleased to find the buying big paid off and his skates still fit! It was a little bit easier getting around the rink this year, given that last time I was eight months pregnant and gave birth to Julia less than a month later. 

He wasn’t quite sure what to think. It didn’t help that the public skate didn’t start until after his bedtime, but we were only in Kansas for a few days and I really wanted to take him! He humored me… at least for a few minutes. 

Tiny little ice skates ❤ Knowing how fast he's growing, I'm sure they'll be Julia's next year and he'll graduate to a bigger pair! 

I’m sure one day he’ll challenge me to some over-the-bench board-to-board races and beat me by a mile, but right now, I’m going to teach him everything I know and cherish the gift of watching his little body growing and learning. 

Smile and wave to Grandpa, Mitchell!

He didn’t last long on the ice. It wasn’t cold, but he was tired, and 1000 times more interested in the bubble hockey down here. But I’d like to take a second to point out that little guy’s ankle strength! No benders over here! 

Looks like it’s time to keep my eye out for some hockey gear, because I don’t think it’ll be next winter before Steve is taking him down to Wilmington for some Stick-and Puck!

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