Holiday Gift Guide – Baby Girl & Toddler Boy

Since I’m still not ready for Christmas, and we’re in scramble mode with family trucking into town over the next few days [so excited!!!], why don’t I take the last few minutes before my always-too-late bedtime to talk about what is under the tree for Mitchell and Julia! After all, I did spend all day [and 18,548 steps according to my FitBit] doing house chores, yard work, and Christmas prep. 

So I deserve a blogging break, right? Julia says right. 

I didn’t really go out looking for Christmas presents. Whatever I saw that I thought they would like, or they otherwise needed, ended up on their Christmas list. We’re still in the pre-preference ages, so I still get to buy whatever I think is cute! Of course, the Amazon Prime boxes showing up on the doorstep every other day for the past month or so from Grandma Spoiled and Grandma Rotten helped fill up the corner of my living room with lots and lots of boxes!

I have a hard time justifying spoiling a 12 month old too awful much. We managed to put together a few things that I think will be perfect for her this year, while minimizing the “stuff” and excess toys. The Grandmas were on their Christmas game this year and found some pretty darn cute gifts. Julia is a little snuggle bug, so between a doll to cuddle, a sleeping bag to wrap up in, and her very own chair for lounging, she’ll be a happy little girl. 

(1) Anywhere Chair – (2) Doll – (3) Gold Boots – (4) Pink Boots – (5) Sleeping Bag

Mitchell’s stash seemed to grow and grow, so he is going to be busy unwrapping on Christmas morning. I personally love the classic toys, so Melissa and Doug and Green Toys are taking up a lot of this list. Their toys are so darn cute. And on a side note, am I the only one who has an impossible time draining the squirter bath toys and always end up replacing moldy ones after a month? We’re saying goodbye to those once and for all with some serious bath toy upgrades this Christmas! I’ll take credit for the sneakers and the bath toys, but it was Daddy who found those adorable books and voted for the baby-sister-whacking sticks. 

(1) Sleeping Bag – (2) Amazing Machines Books – (3) Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Letters and Numbers – (4) – Winter Boots – (5) Sneakers – (6) Cowboy Boots – (7) Tugboat – (8) Seaplane – (9) Ferry Boat – (10) Lincoln Logs – (11) Car Carrier Truck and Cars – (12) Magnetic Car Loader – (13) Mini Hockey Sticks

I promise we’ll make up for the lack of Christmas present distribution fairness, Julia. I know you’ll be claiming half of your brother’s presents as your own, anyway. And someday those cowboy boots will look adorable with a pretty little sundress. Now that I’m almost done Christmas shopping. Almost done decorating. Almost done cleaning. I’m almost ready for our family to start rolling into town this week! We are so excited to have everyone here under one roof! 

One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide – Baby Girl & Toddler Boy

  1. Hi Kourtney – greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. I found you via your guest post on Anchors Aweigh. Lovely post you wrote there. I often think of Chelsea and Parker and Taylor Grace. I love your pictures of your children and their lot of Christmas gifts. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas. Looking to reading more of your blog.


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