Cookies and Milk

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We are celebrating today with all grandparents in the house, which makes for two lucky and spoiled little grand babies. I’ll let you guess who will be eating all of Santa’s leftover milk and cookies 😉 This photoshoot is brought to you by Target, Grandma Martin, and the mini Christmas tree that keeps on giving. I sure was glad I threw those matching pajamas in my cart on a whim in October, because sure enough, there were none to be found by Christmas season. That adorable little sign showed up from Grandma Martin in the mail the same day we went out to take pictures, which I think completed the whole idea! And last, but not least, our little Christmas tree that was our family tree last Christmas when we were mid-PCS waiting for a place to live. We’re creating more traditions every year, and I love them all. Here’s to asking Santa to make sure Daddy is home safe and sound next year! 

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