Christmas pictures to come, but a quick pause. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s refreshing to have a simple night where we can do baths and bed and sit down to read Five Little Monkeys 48 times before saying our bedtime prayers together and hitting the lights. Nights like this make my heart so happy. I know the days of cuddling up on my lap to read a story won’t be here forever but I love that they’re here now. 

Amidst all the simple happiness, these nights also make deployment a little bit harder. I want so badly for Steve to be able to read stories with us because I know how much he misses us. And I know how badly the kids miss him. They’re in for such a special treat when he comes home, and they have no idea.  

I love all of these pictures! Five little Julia monkeys jumping on the bed 🙂 

Side note, Old Navy pajamas are always so cute and comfy. Martin household favorites. Santa was smart to put a few new pairs in their stockings 😉 He thought the 4T for the 2 year old and 2T for the not quite one year old would be way big, but they’re growing like weeds and fit in them perfectly!

There are three heads of red hair that have my heart, and two of them right there. 

Watching these two grow together is one of my greatest blessings. I am so grateful to have these two monkeys to call me Mommy. 

My parents are staying in town this week to spend even more time with us. A little celebration for Julia’s first birthday later this week. A visit from some military friends we love like family. And the countdown to our kidless Spanish vacation dwindles to 11 days. So many things to be happy about right now. 

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