Christmas 2015

Christmas week has been filled with lots of excitement. Lots of family. Way too much food. Lots of pictures, so I’ll let them do most of the talking. Here we go. We kicked off the week picking up Grandma Brim at the airport, with our sign that Mitchell and I worked so hard on that morning. 

It’s hard work being two. Mommy makes you help with everything. 

We had a few false alarms with some Grandma lookalikes, but Mitchell held his sign diligently. 

And he knew when he saw his Grandma. 

Julia snuck a picture too. After all, those little green handprints are hers. 

A few days later, the rest of the grandparent crew rolled into town. 

I made sure to get our weekly family picture still. 

This girl ❤ We are going to be doing so much celebrating of her one year milestone in the next week. She's a little ray of sunshine and she makes us all so happy. 

Last one, I promise. And back to Christmas. 

We kicked off Christmas Eve the right way, with the early bird Christmas Eve service at church. 

Pastor Jason and his awesome staff are doing some amazing things at our church. I was so happy to attend with all of our parents, but I sure was missing my husband. 

After church we headed home for some Santa pajamas and Christmas Eve supper. Great Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton started a tradition of an enchilada dinner on Christmas Eve, and so we continued the tradition. 

They loved having a special dessert. Otherwise known as Oreos. 

The munchkins headed to bed after some Christmas stories and tree admiring. 

Everyone got a full night’s sleep, and I was ecstatic to wake up to this face on Christmas morning. 

Grandma and Grandpa Brim stayed at the beach, so we waited for them to arrive on Christmas morning. 

We switched out our pajamas to some fresh Christmas pajamas.

Mitchell and Julia were pretty darn excited. 

And then they tore into the presents. I was surprised how excited Mitchell was about it! With his speech a little behind, I sometimes don’t realize how much he really does understand. And figuring out what toys were hidden under all the papers and bows, he definitely did. 

The presents were all great and exciting until the hockey sticks and jersey came out. Then Mitchell became downright obsessed. 

Julia’s favorite present seemed to be her slinky. Who knew the re-gifted slinky from my mom’s first grade classroom would be such a hit?

I’m feeling over the top grateful this year. Last year at this time, excitement and nerves were high as we did not yet have our house, I was not officially back to work, and our little Julia was not quite here. So much was up in the air, and this year, we’re pretty settled, and we know where we’ll be for a few more years. That being said, it’s so hard having my other half gone at such a special time. It makes me sad knowing how much he is missing and how much he misses us. He would give anything to be here, but instead, he is off protecting us here at home so children like Mitchell and Julia can have these happy, comfortable, carefree Christmas mornings. And of course, he’s working so hard to provide for our family and taking such great care of us. We love him so darn much. 

My fingers are crossed that next year he’ll make it to Christmas, because holidays are sure not the same without him. Coming up – Julia’s first birthday! Our little just-after-Christmas baby is turning ONE! And later this year, it’s looking like we might have some hockey lessons on the horizon 😉

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2015

  1. So precious…..merry Christmas to your amazing family … thank you to your husband, you and those precious babies for the sacrifice of serving…one I know well…..such beautiful pictures you take girly.


  2. As usual, Kourtney welcomed Stephen's parents with open arms and heart. We treaure any time we have with her and their children, but this Christmas was extra special. The children are like dreams to us- growing so strong and healthy with such happy and curious personalities. We are so lucky.


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