Goodbye 15, Hello 16

2015 is a wrap, and it’s officially 2016. It’s been an even crazier year than I realize, now that I’m looking back on it. 

We started off the year getting the keys to our new house! That was quite a way to start it off. Then we welcomed Baby Julia a few days later. Only to get our household goods shipment, furniture and all, on the very same day. I started thinking about returning to work, and we started looking for babysitters. I was desperate to find one that met our criteria and we found three, and they’re all equally amazing. It snowed in North Carolina. We started to settle in our house, one room at a time. Julia’s nursery was our first unpacked room, followed by Mitchell’s airplane room, the playroom, and living room. The kids always come first around here.  I returned to work full time, and we had a sweet little Easter as a whole family. We dedicated Julia to the Lord on Mother’s Day. And summer seemed to whiz right by. We celebrated Steve’s 26th birthday with a surprise getaway at the beach. Steve had his first Father’s Day as a daddy of two! We spent a lot of time at the beach and the neighborhood pool, and we celebrated Mitchell’s second birthday with an astronaut party! We spent the Fourth of July at Martha’s Vineyard. We made a quick trip to Kansas after my grandfather passed away for his funeral services.  Another big downfall of 2015 was saying goodbye to Steve for another deployment. Yuck. But we’ve kept our chins up and stayed pretty darn busy. We kicked off deployment [Murphy’s law] getting rear-ended at a red light. The kids and I ran a 5K together, which was party of my training for my first half marathon I ran a month later. We spent a weekend in DC and visited friends, with a stop at Arlington National Cemetery. Steve and I hit our five year wedding anniversary. Looking back, I think we were crazy-in-love twenty-one year olds, but not much has changed except now we have two little red-headed babies to love too. I snuck away with the kids for a long weekend full of rest at the beach. I kicked my nightshift gig with a daytime position [woohoo!], and the kids started school together. We made another trip to DC to visit friends again. Fall showed up, and we went Trick-or-Treating. The kids and I caught a Camp Lejeune high school football game, which was our last night to see some of our best military friends. A downfall to military life. We celebrated Thanksgiving in Kansas, and found time for an ice skating date while we were there. We rounded out the year with Christmas at home, which was a treat after a year full of traveling. And I started a bible study for girls in our neighborhood at our home, which ended on a high note in 2015, and I can’t wait to get it started back up in 2016! 

And onto 2016! We have some pretty exciting things lined up on the calendar already. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Julia’s first birthday! We went from a squishy little newborn to toddler in 2015, which was quite a change! Her birthday isn’t for a few more days, but in less than a week I’ll be off to Spain to visit my husband as he gets a well-deserved mid-deployment break. This is a long deployment, I tell ya. I haven’t seen that husband of mine since July, so to say I am excited would be an understatement. And after fourteen flights [mostly solo!] with the kids last year, it will be refreshing, though a little odd, to travel by myself. We will have a little bit of downtime when I get home, but just enough to get ready for summer! April kicks off the fun with a bachelorette weekend in Charleston for one of my childhood best friends! After we welcome home Daddy, we’re hoping to catch the EOD Memorial back where we lived in Florida, Police Week in DC, I get to throw my mom’s retirement party in Kansas after over 30 years of teaching, I get to be a part of my best friend getting married in DC!, Steve and Mitchell’s birthday month in June, and we have our fingers crossed for another Fourth of July at Martha’s Vineyard. And of course, anything else we find to fill in 😉 Julia says Happy New Year and a 2016 full of love and blessings! 

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