Winter Pictures

I owe a huge thank you to my amazingly talented friend, Lindsay Shank Photography, for these priceless pictures. She loves my babies just like I do, and I’m pretty sure you can feel her love from behind the lens! This girl drove to North Carolina from Pennsylvania for Julia’s birthday party, getting in a two o’clock in the morning. And did I mention she drove in for Mitchell’s birthday last summer, and to Florida for his first birthday? Then she cleaned my house and helped me party prep, and took these amazing pictures before she hit I95 back home. We found this sweet little spot when we were pregnant with our first babies and going on endless walks trying to walk those babies out! Our families and our friendship and our photography have all come a long way. It was nice pretending like we were still living next to each other in base housing and having just another girls night. No further introduction needed. Her photography and these beautiful little babies speak for themselves.

It’s safe to say I’ll be swapping out a few frames for these pictures in the near future. If you’ve read this blog for 30 seconds, you know my family pictures are probably my most prized material possession, and my camera may as well be glued to my hand. And as many pictures as I capture, I have one goal I’m aiming for until all of our babies are grown, and that’s to get a family picture, coordinating outfits, posed and all, every season of our lives. Four times a year doesn’t sound like a lot until you’re prepping outfits and making sure tummies are full and trying to get the best weather and lighting. These definitely count for our “winter” pictures and next season Daddy will be in them too!!!!! See our fall pictures, also taken by Lindsay Shank Photography, back here. These are pictures I’ll cherish forever, because they capture a season of my life I am loving with my whole heart. 

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