Julia’s Birthday Brunch

I meant to get this post out days ago, along with her last minute cake smash we did, but this week sure got away from me. Between wrapping up Christmas, being busier than ever at work, and prepping for my big trip, the party was a little more last minute than I anticipated. But so fun! I love celebrating our babies, and Julia’s first birthday is quite a big milestone! 

Back to the kitchen for a minute. Like most little kid birthday parties, the food was the main event. 

Let’s take note of my friend Lindsay there. We love the Shanks like family and it was such a treat to have her there!! She drove all the way to North Carolina (from Pennsylvania!) late on a Friday night. She helped me get everything ready for the party and clean up before we had a long overdue girls night like the good old days. Then she took some of my all-time favorite pictures before she drove back home Sunday morning. It was a quick visit but I was so grateful she was there. 

I wanted to have a quick and easy pre-nap event, and thus the idea for Julia’s Birthday Brunch was born! And you can’t have a good birthday breakfast without donuts, so I nixed the pressure of baking a cake and hit up Krispy Kreme. I told them I needed seven dozen donuts and they looked a little funny until I told them it was for a birthday party. 

I whipped up her cake the night before. Super easy and surprisingly delicious, though I was the only one willing to eat a piece after she demolished it and slobbered all over it. Not even Mitchell touched it. Ha! 

Between the Christmas tree and the party decorations, this corner has been quite occupied lately. Mitchell will be happy when his little trampoline shows back up over here this spring!

We had a little photo session in the living room before the party started! I searched for my darn white background all morning before settling for a white sheet. I plan to do this for birthday parties in the future though. Perfect backdrop for pictures with friends and family! Her birthday outfit, you ask? Walmart tutu, Carter’s donut pajama top, complete with a Claire’s crown. Thrown together at the last minute to make the cutest little red-headed donut princess there ever was. 

What happens when you tell people not to bring her presents? They spoil her rotten. 

After everything was said and done, we were left with this. 

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and she went to town on her cake. 

Julia had so many people who love her there to help celebrate! Our friend Katie was there, who has been a part of our entire North Carolina chapter, from newlyweds to two babies! Life wouldn’t be the same without her. 

Watching home movies in honor of birthdays has become a fast tradition in our family. 

This sweet family has been there before we were even married! They were able to make the party a few days before they military-moved down to Parris Island. Yet another military goodbye we were sad to say.

I didn’t get a great picture of it but that basket was full of the two-doughnut Krispy Kreme boxes tied up with ribbon! They turned out adorable and everyone seemed happy to go home with donut favors!

Selfies with Aunt Lindsay!

Mitchell’s friend, Colby, was there!

And of course Grandma and Grandpa Brim. They extended their Christmas visit to make the party. Somehow Grandpa manage to stay out of pictures, but I caught this sweet little moment with Grandma. 

Mitchell loves him some Katie! 

All-in-all the party was a success. I have some cake smash pictures to post still, but that’ll have to wait until I get back to the US. 

Yep, currently wrapping up this post from Spain on our vacation, which has been amazing thus far. At the request of my husband, because he’s been waiting a whole week to see Julia’s birthday party pictures! You can believe there are lots of Spain recaps to come, but we’ve had an amazing time spending our time in the south of Spain on the Mediterranean, hiking the Rock at Gibraltar, and tomorrow we are off to hike Caminito del Rey! So much fun and I have been enjoying being back in his arms once again. Six months apart is six months too long. And we’re off to dinner. Adios! 🙂 

One thought on “Julia’s Birthday Brunch

  1. What a perfect little event for Julia!! And how adorable is she? That little donut top is the cutest.
    I love the idea of brunch, and may have to steal that for our Julia when her day comes. And, can you tell me where you got all your little party decor (the banners, the garland, the cute little gold flags)?
    Happiest of 1st Birthdays, Julia!!


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