Sunset Goodbye

Lots of happenings around here lately, and lots of posts coming. But a quick minute to talk about how happy we were that both of my parents were able to come for two whole weeks over the holidays! I owe a big thank you to my little brother and his sweet girlfriend for holding down the fort back in Kansas (taking care of the dogs) so they could spend this special time with us. Missing a husband and a daddy over the holidays is not easy, but having lots of family in town made the season feel a little more like Christmas. I should mention that my in-laws were also in town and we had a wonderful visit with them also, but even I miss a picture opportunity now and then 😉 

We picked up Grandma and Grandpa Brim from their little beach home on their last day and drove them to the airport. We were sad to see them go, but it meant that I would be leaving for my big trip to Spain a few days later, and we know they’ll be back for spring break. We are so blessed to have family that make such an effort to come visit us. Especially when the military always seems to keep us so far away from family. 

There was even a pod of dolphins that popped up to say goodbye!

                                                                   These North Carolina sunsets never get old. 

That’s all for today. Awesome grandparents all the way around in this family. Their other grandmother is wrapping up a whole week with the grandkids – solo! – while we wrap up the Spanish vacation of our dreams – kidless! Saying goodbye, yet again, will be rough. But I sure can’t wait for some Mitchell and Julia kisses when I get home! 

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