Traveling Spain – A Day in Seville

If this is the first you are reading of my Spain posts, I wrote about my long trip getting there, HERE. After six long months of deployment, we were both more than ready to spend some time together. After all, this was his third deployment in five and a half years of marriage, and while I know some have had it worse, that also means we’ve spent nearly two years of our marriage apart. And while I firmly believe it has made us stronger and wiser, it also just plain sucks. So, the concept of being able to see each other mid-deployment after exclusively Middle East deployments blew our minds with our excitement since the day he left! 

Steve was our driver 90% of the trip. We had this cute little red car, which snuck into the tiniest spots.  There were no pick-up trucks, and barely any SUV’s. So different than home! The streets are tiny and could hardly accommodate a vehicle of that size, except the lone and very brave Escalade on giant rims we saw pushing its way through the streets. It looked like me trying to wear my non-maternity jeans when I was nine months pregnant. Suck it in! We were also very happy we have and can drive a manual, because apparently automatics are few and far between there. 

This really was the trip of a lifetime. We decided to stay in Seville for a few nights, which was near the airport where I arrived. I wanted to catch up on a little sleep, and there were also a few things we wanted to see in Seville. After a quick Google search, because again, we had little to no time to plan our trip, we came up with our activities:

Plaza de Espana…
Parque de Maria Luisa…
and the Seville Cathedral. 

We were able to see all of these places on our very first afternoon. Each was within walking distance and each equally beautiful. We stopped at the Plaza de Espana first. We made sure to get all the textbook tourist pictures. 

This is the first picture I took of the trip, testing the lighting on my camera. Annnnnnd it ended up being one of my favorites, because look at him! I love him so much! 

Parque de Maria Luisa sits right outside the Plaza de Espana. It was a beautiful park with in the heart of downtown Seville. 

Then we made our way over to the Seville Chapel, which was beautiful inside and out. 

When we ducked out of the chapel, it was raining. So we walked the streets in the rain until we found a local place to eat, where they sat us on a covered patio in the alley under a tin roof. We ordered a whole variety of Spanish dishes. Some were better than others, but it was fun to try new foods and I would have been happy just staring at my husband all day. 

Our lunch!

We made a quick pit stop (no pun intended) for an activity at Steve’s request. He and his friends have taken up a new hobby this deployment – go carting. I can totally see why a bunch of competitive mid-20’s guys who play with bombs for a living have gotten themselves hooked on this little activity. It was so much fun, and I was even able to almost keep up! I mean, he didn’t lap me. 

It was our first and last night in Seville, so we decided to dress up a little. Steve planned to take me out to a little restaurant he found while exploring during his deployment. It was Italian food, and it was delicious. And since I loved the Plaza de Espana so much, and read that it was beautiful at night under the lights, we took another walk there after dinner. And took a million more pictures 😉 

Our first day together felt like a fairytale. The one good thing about spending deployments apart is we really value time together. Even after he’s home for awhile, I still try to make our time together as a couple, or our time together as a family, a big priority, because we can’t afford to take those days for granted. I really can’t pick a favorite day from this trip. They were all amazing, so fun, and we got to try so many new things together.

Just posted, and coming up in the Spain Series:

1. Getting There

and coming soon…

3. Dune Buggy Tour of Marbella
4. Hiking the Rock at Gibraltar
5. Mediterranean Sea
6. Hiking El Caminito Del Rey

Stay tuned! 🙂

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