Traveling Spain – Marbella Dune Buggy Tour

After we wrapped up our day in Seville, we got a good night’s sleep and headed down to Estepona, where our resort was located. A little more on that later, but it was nestled on the southern coast, between the Mediterranean Sea and the southern mountains. It was as beautiful as it sounded. 

Steve found a day trip outing at a place called Marbella Buggies. Y’all, if you ever visit southern Spain, this is a must. We had a blast. 

The maps in Spain tend to include dead ends that look like main roads, and the locals don’t find road signs to be a necessity. So finding the place proved to be a bit of a challenge. The business was situated in what seemed to be our tour guide’s backyard. He was a boisterous Belgian with a seriously fun job, and the only other people on the tour were his personal friends. We couldn’t decide whether the tours are always so…exciting, or if ours had a little extra thrill because his two buddies were the only other buggies in the tour. Either way, we loved it. 

Those little carts go fast! We wound our way through the streets of Marbella until we found ourselves up in the mountains and took them off-road. Steve drove first and I think it’s safe to say he didn’t stop smiling the whole time. Except when he showed his concentrated face, of course. It was like his 12 year old self was pleased as punch to be playing real life Mario Cart. 

We reached our first stopping point at the top of a mountain overlooking Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea, with Gibraltar and Africa off in the distance. 

I was sure glad I had my sunglasses for the expedition, because they served more as goggles and we were covered in mud from head to toe when we got back. 

After our first stop, I took over the wheel. I should mention describing the stopping mechanisms on these carts as “brakes” is a little… generous. It wasn’t such a challenge for Steve, since he was climbing the majority of his drive. But I took over on the downhill portion. In the mountains. With a sketchy brake. But it was oh so fun, and yes, completely thrilling.


Much to Steve’s delight, our tour guide found a second scenic stop, so he could take back over the driving. He had such a blast, and it made me so happy to see how much fun he was having! Though I’m sure he could say the same about me.

We wrapped up our nearly three hours of dune bugging still laughing and covered in dust and mud. Steve wore a hoodie, and when he patted his arms, the dust made a giant cloud around him. My hair wasn’t much better. Thorough showers were necessary before we went out to a fancy dinner on the town. So to wrap it up, if you ever find yourself in Marbella, do this. 

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