Traveling Spain – Mediterranean Sea

Having lived on the Atlantic Ocean for the last ten years or so, I was excited to see it from the “other side.” Even better, I was excited to see the Mediterranean Sea for the first time! We stayed at the Marriott Playa Andalusia Resort, which had its very own beach. I was really happy we found this resort – it was tucked away in a quiet little spot on the water and we really forgot we were anywhere near town.

We actually rented a two bedroom condo, since that was the smallest unit they offered. 

One of the good parts was that it came with a full kitchen, and even better, a deck with a patio set. After cooking and cleaning for everyone for the better part of six months, Steve treated me to breakfast every morning and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Crazy how some toast and eggs can make you feel totally spoiled. 

When we had free time, we made trips down to the beach on the resort. The shore was pretty rocky, and the water was way too cold for swimming. I was amazed that we could see Gibraltar and Africa so clearly across the water! It was the first time I’ve ever seen Africa so that was neat. 

We tried a few restaurants in the Marbella area. It amazed me how late everyone eats there! Most of the restaurants didn’t even open until seven, which is only an hour before my lame-o bedtime, but it was okay because my sleep schedule never really adjusted anyway. We took a moonlight walk through a park in Marbella one night after dinner, which was totally normal there!

Our last night in Estepona, we decided to stay put. We ate dinner in the resort restaurant, and they had an hour long show with Spanish dancers! So we enjoyed that over some steaks, and called it an early night. 
The next morning we planned to check out early, because we were hiking El Caminito Del Rey, a gorge about 100 kilometers north! Yet another amazing date with breathtaking scenery, coming on the blog tomorrow.

Just posted and coming up in the Spain Series:

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6. Hiking El Caminito Del Rey (Coming tomorrow!)

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