Traveling Spain – El Caminito Del Rey

If you missed any of my previous Spain recaps, they’re all right here. This will be my last (!!!) Spain update, since I am confident I’ve thoroughly exhausted our trip adventures. But it was truly the trip of a lifetime and one we know we will remember forever! 

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We wrapped up our last vacation adventure on a  high note, hiking El Caminito Del Rey. This is a gorge in the mountains of southern Spain, with jaw-dropping scenery. The kind too big for my wide-angle lens to photograph. The kind that almost hurts your eyes to look at because it doesn’t look real. 

El Caminito Del Rey has been a popular hiking location for hundreds of years. There is a man-made path that scales the side of the gorge, which is no longer in use. It eventually deteriorated, crumbling along the way and becoming a serious safety issue. They closed this path about 15 years ago, but it was still used by the really crazy adrenaline junkie climbers. Over the past several years, however, they built a brand new (and safe) path through the gorge. It’s been open less than a year, and unbeknownst to me, Steve and his Marine buddies have been trying to hike it, but it’s always been completely booked. So when there happened to be availability on our only day without plans, and that day only, we knew it was meant to be. 

The road getting there was a little crazy Props to my husband who drove our little stick shift up the “two-lane” that was more like a one lane road in the dark. That road looped and turned more times than I could count. I never get car sick and it was making me car sick. But we finally made it, and hopped on a bus to the starting point. We grabbed our hardhats and hit the trail. In total, the hike was about seven kilometers long. The majority of the hike was what you would expect hiking through mountainous terrain. But when we hit that gorge, the views became even more spectacular. The river beneath us was so far down, but the top of the gorge was still so high!

There was virtually no wind our entire trip. Until this day, when we were suspended hundreds of feet on the side of a cliff. Go figure. Thankfully the only part we could feel the sway was on the bridge, and the majority of the walk felt pretty safe. 

They built the new trail over the old, rickety one. We could see the parts where it collapsed and deemed anyone who actually tried to walk it in that state, or its original state without safety railings for that matter, nuts. 

I took a whole bunch of landscape pictures, because it was so darn pretty!

This was our view of the trail on our hike back to the trail head. I couldn’t believe we walked that tiny little path on the side of that huge mountain! 

When we finished up the hike, we did the same thing we did every other day of our trip. Find a local place to eat. It was fun to try lots of new foods, and the place we found was one I could totally see featured on the Food Network. It’s amazing how a cheeseburger in Spain can be so different than an American cheeseburger!

Full bellies and in awe of Spain’s beauty, we unwound our way down the mountain on that crazy little road, a little more settled now that we were driving in the daylight. We headed back to our hotel in Seville. We had a quick night’s sleep near the airport before Steve dropped me off early the next morning. So bitter and sweet at the same time. I sure missed my babies, even though my mother-in-law was sending adorable pictures of them all week to keep me in the loop! 

That hug goodbye rips my heart out every time. Things are so easy and normal when that hubby of mine is around, and it’s lonely doing life without him. We all miss him, and we all need him, so knowing it will still be months before we see him again is the worst. But crawling into bed with my sweet babies makes me feel a little bit better, and I know he will be home as soon as he can. I owe him, my in-laws, and my parents an enormous thank you for sending me on the trip of a lifetime with the love of my life! 

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