First Hockey Practice

It’s official. This hockey loving boy is officially learning to play hockey. Well, we’re still working on the learning to skate part too. But he’s pretty darn good for only being two and he certainly loves the game right now. And by loves, I mean obsesses. He asks to watch hockey before he goes to sleep every night, throws a tantrum if he can’t wear his shin pads to the commissary, and sleeps with his hockey stick. I didn’t even really want him to be a hockey player. After all, it’s an hour commute to the nearest rink, the gear ain’t cheap, and spectator area is cold. But the boy oh-so-clearly wants what the boy wants, so he’s getting it. Just call me a hockey mom. 

I had to get a picture with the little guy. Tell me that’s not the cutest, most excited thing you ever did see. It was like Christmas morning for me getting to take him out there and teach him a few things. 

We got significantly more locker room pictures that we did skating pictures, because it was a two hand job as much as I wish I had more, I don’t. Actually getting around required help from Mommy, and much to the dismay of my lower back, he did not want to stop. He’d cry every time I set him down. So we triple deked and stick handled ourselves all over the neutral zone and celebrated every time we scored a goal on the miniature net they had set up just for my little mini mite. 

After an hour, the zamboni came out, which was nearly as exciting as the hockey itself. It took some convincing to get Mitchell back to the locker room. 

When he realized we were done for the day, he wobbled himself up to the door and tried to convince Mommy to play just a little more hockey. 

Five. More. Minutes. Says Mitchell. 

And it’s official that our big-footed little Wayne Gretzky has grown out of his first pair of skates. So we grabbed the next size up [well, two sizes up because I don’t want to buy another pair next week], and headed home. And so it begins. He can’t wait to have Daddy home to play with him in a few short months! And then, maybe Mommy can get some more action shots! 

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