Hockey Mom

Continuing on the theme of hockey, because I can’t get enough of this little munchkin in his hockey gear. Yesterday’s post talked about leaving his pacifier in the locker room and hitting the ice. Since we traveled to Pennsylvania over the weekend where there was a ton of snow, we threw on the gear [much to Mitchell’s delight], and snapped a few or a hundred pictures. This might have been the easiest set of pictures I’ve taken of him, because he was happy as could be to put on all his gear. Kid’s obsessed. I can’t wait to see how his hobbies develop and change over the coming years. Right now it’s hockey, but we have plans to introduce swimming and soccer pretty soon too! 

I’m done with the hockey posts, for now, anyway. Tomorrow we’re  moving onto our Pennsylvania trip, and then our pitstop in DC to see our friend Rachel! We’ve been keeping busy, busy, busy since I came home from Spain. Pretty soon I’m going to have to start tackling that to do list though, because we have a whole lot of things to accomplish before spring! 🙂 

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