Snow in Pennsylvania

We are home from yet another wonderful trip to Pennsylvania. It’s a bit of a drive from here, but I’m convinced that it’s the perfect distance for us. It’s long enough for the kids to take a solid five hour nap. [Yes! They will sleep pretty much the whole way and it’s amazing!] Plenty of time for Mommy to get some peace and quiet, reorganize those mental to do lists (a post on that coming soon!), and listen to some good old 90’s country on Pandora. It’s short enough for us to drive straight through. And it runs through Fort Lee, VA, Quantico, VA (both military bases where we have friends!), and DC where my childhood best friend lives. So naturally, we pack everything we can into these trips. Our primary stop was our friends, the Shanks, and snow. Much to our delight, we got a big dose of both. I cannot say enough good things about this family. We’ve been there for each other’s ups and downs since deployment number one, and there have been a lot of ups and downs. 

While we’re probably best at sitting on the couch watching movies and eating pizza, we dove into the world of photography about three years ago together, and we’ve learned oh-so-much along the way. Whenever we get together we must take pictures for each other. She knows exactly what I want, and she works for free. Can’t beat it. I took some pictures of their gorgeous family too! She let me use her 70-200 lens, which is pretty darn high on my wish list right now. This one is next on my list of lenses to add! And maybe a 35 mm one too 😉

I was so excited to see what the kids thought of the snow! Mitchell got a little taste of snow last year, but definitely nothing like this. These family pictures are so special, and I’m so grateful to Lindsay to have these to keep forever! She took some amazing pictures for us earlier this winter too, which are here if you missed those!

Luckily it was about 50 degrees outside and not too chilly. We got there just in time for it to start melting, but thankfully they still had plenty for us North Carolinians to enjoy!

Mitchell though the snow was great. Julia wasn’t quite fond of standing by herself in the snow. Ha!

And a few snapshots of this sweet girl. Lindsay had her studio equipment set up and I couldn’t resist! She’s walking EVERYWHERE in her signature straight up pony, always with a matching bow of course! 

I debated and debated whether or not to take this trip, and we ended up deciding to go about 48 hours in advance. Talk about a last minute decision! Now that we’re home, I’m so happy we made the whirlwind trip because it was lots of fun and helped yet another week of deployment fly by! Love you Lindsay!

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