Breakfast in Bethesda (With Rachel!)

On our way home from our trip to Pennsylvania, we just had to stop and see the beautiful bride-to-be in DC! This girl is beautiful inside and out and I’m so happy I get to be a part of her wedding in a few short months! And that my husband will be my date this time instead of Mitchell… in his uniform. Lucky lady right here! And while we’re talking about wedding excitement, my bridesmaid dress arrived in the mail!!! Anyway, we only had a short time to stop and visit because we were passing through on our way back to North Carolina. Rachel found a cute little breakfast spot in Bethesda and we chatted away about all-things-wedding. Once Mitchell decided it was time to throw eggs at his sister, who was busy chowing down on some kids menu crayons, we decided it was time for a little walk and a photo-op! 

Julia is walking all over the place, and showing off her skills to any and everyone. I can’t get enough pictures of her toddling, and it has me wondering all of the sudden whether I properly documented her crawling stage?! I think I did, but I can’t remember. Did I miss that? How is this going so fast?? Mitchell just started walking! Time, stop! 

See above picture for the most kissable, lovable face ever. God’s perfection. I love every bit of that smiling face. See below for the true reality of posing a one and two year old for a picture. Typical, everyday Martin household struggles. Couldn’t have been documented more perfectly. 

That last picture of Mitchell cracks. me. up. Mostly because I remember the year my little brother came home with his nice school pictures and that exact face. Oh, my parents were mad, but it’s the funniest picture to look back on now. I’ll have to pull it out for you when I have more time to dig through my hard drive and reminisce. It’s been 4:00 am alarm clocks for us all week here, so as you can probably imagine, we’re all tired. You can find us throwing a Friday night pajama party, snuggled up in bed with the dogs, watching Little Einsteins (Mitchell’s latest favorite) on the iPad. Julia excluded because she fell asleep before dinner was even over. (See cell phone snap below). 

Coming up on the blog…. a little bit of everything. Some swimming, Julia cake smashing (how did those pictures slip through the cracks?!), a spring preview, and a few thoughts on Mitchell’s speech progress! Happy weekend, friends! 

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