Cake Smashing

A quick rewind to the beginning of January! We celebrated Julia’s first birthday back here. Over a month ago, how is that possible? I find myself wondering how time is going so fast these days. I had dreams of a perfect cake smash in a field with dreamy lighting… but… 1. January birthday and it was freezing cold, and 2. virtually no time. But she got her “extra cake” made with the leftover cake batter right before bedtime one night. Genius parenting, right?  

Annnnnd that little evolution shows how you know a birthday princess is ready. for. bed. The dogs much enjoyed helping “clean” the playroom floors while Miss One-Year-Old Julia got a bath and some clean pajamas. Not quite sure how these pictures slipped through the cracks, but they sure crack me up, so I didn’t want them to miss the blog. Because if they do, they’re sure to get buried in the folders upon folders of pictures on my computer and never be seen again. And it’s official – no more babies in the house. Toddlers only. Tomorrow we’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging with some not-so-outdated pictures 😉

4 thoughts on “Cake Smashing

  1. Thank you!! Cake is certainly a way to draw in my kiddos for some pictures 😉 So glad you found my blog! I love milso blogs, and 10 kids! That's amazing! I give you serious mom props! Can't wait to check out your blog 🙂


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