Spring Preview

We fiiiiinally got a glimpse of warm weather and sunshine. That sunshine on this fair skin of mine felt amaaazing. My even fairer skinned family gives me quite the boost of confidence in the summer time, ha! The days are finally longer, and with the sun on the horizon during my commute home, as opposed to the usual complete darkness, spring is in sight! I sure love Christmas, but once it’s over – bring on summer. With summer coming and the hubby returning home from deployment, I’m getting the itch to give the house some much-needed attention over the next few months.

1. Julia’s Big Girl Room – I’m currently in the middle of refinishing her big girl bed and dresser, finding just the right decorations for her walls, eyeing fabric for curtains, building bed rails, and totally baby-proofing her room. In the midst of our move-in, which happened the afternoon after she was born, she got Mitchell’s gender neutral hand-me-down nursery, which had nothing girly about it. It’s been my little project over the last few weeks, and if you know me at all, you know I love a good project. I don’t think I’ll be able to top Mitchell’s airplane room, but I can sure try! 

2. Spring Cleaning – I have a long list of things to do. Shampooing carpets and waxing floors are at the top of this list. And then there are the ceiling fans, washing all of the bedding, and giving all the bathrooms a good scrub. This list is generally pretty endless, and what I wouldn’t give to have three uninterrupted days to focus on this, and this alone. 

3. Spring Cleaning Out – While we’re on the topic of cleaning, we could use some extra space around here. Which means purging things we don’t need or use. The garage and the storage room are the first spots that could use some attention. 

4. Mommy & Mitchell Days – We’ve been finding time for the two of us to do things like swim, go the the park, and play hockey! I especially want to keep up these swim days as we are getting closer to pool season and the start of official swim lessons!

5. Backyard – The backyard needs some attention, like always. The patio needs a serious pressure wash, dog holes filled (if only they’d stop digging!), swing set re-waterproofed, grass mowed and seeded. At the minimum. And then there’s my crazy ambitious self who is thinking about adding a patio (to cover up our mud hole) for the fire pit and patio furniture (that I’ve been talking about buying for five years now). 

6. Homecoming Prep – This is e.x.c.i.t.i.n.g. Homecoming signs! Outfits! Surprises for Daddy! Oh-so-much fun and oh-so-soon! What are we wearing? I have no idea. But it’s starting to be that time we can really start thinking about it – I can’t believe it!

7. Garage Organization – The keeping two cars in the garage struggle is real. With all of our activities comes a lot of gear, namely bicycles and hockey equipment. I really need to find a more efficient way of storing things in our garage.

8. Meal Planning – With the bulk of deployment behind us, I’ve fallen into the inevitable cooking rut. It’s so hard to cook for me and two little ones! And even if I was a dedicated cooker, by the time I do daycare and everything else we aren’t eating until 8:30. But I truly need to find a way to get back in the meal planning and cooking groove before Steve gets home. Because family dinners are high on my priority list.  

9. Gym Time – Enough said. I’ve actually been good about this the last few weeks and I’m hoping the motivation to keep it up stays! This is much easier said than done when you’re single parenting, and once Steve gets home I’ll have no excuses! 

10. Party Planning – Our spring and summer are packed full of events, most of which need some serious planning. A big wedding, a retirement party for THE Mrs. Brim, an already epic girls weekend in Arizona, along with a few other big events. Our spring is packed full of fun and we can’t wait. 

So there we are. My long list of “to-dos,” which I’m hoping to tackle before April rolls around. Perhaps I’ll be back with post on how successful I was at accomplishing all of these. But likely not. Wish me luck. 

4 thoughts on “Spring Preview

  1. You are making me feel really unproductive…I would love to hear how you are doing the transition out of a crib for Julia! We haven't even approached the topic yet because we are worried what George could get into uninhibited.


  2. The bed we are putting her in is super high, so I'm toying with the idea of getting her a set of little stairs to get up to it! It's actually her great grandparents bed so I'm willing to go the extra mile to make it work for the sentimental factor, but I need to build bed rails first! It's definitely a work in progress… But I'm motivated to get it done by summer because that bulky crib is taking up half the room! Next time we are definitely going with a mini crib! I'm sure there will be a post about how it goes eventually but the mattress on the floor method worked great for Mitchell when we transitioned him! 🙂


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