Swimming, Second Marine Division, and Skating

A little Saturday morning update! Couldn’t imagine this blog going on without recapping last week’s excitement, so here we go. Swimming. Mitchell isn’t that kid who runs and jumps into the water with an ear-piercing scream and a big old cannonball. He dips his toes in, and he’s totally good with that. Knowing how much time he is destined to spend at the beach and the pool and lakes, since we’re always looking for a good adventure, I want them to be excellent swimmers. Preferably soon. So we’ve been leaving Julia at school and sneaking away to go swimming! He’ll start official swim lessons this summer when he turns three (not quite old enough), but for now he’s having fun blowing bubbles pegging me in the face with the splash ball. A little side note – yet another benefit to military life. There are about five year round indoor pools on base, all incredibly nice, and all free. Something I wish we could take advantage of more often!

Last weekend, our tiny little downtown hosted quite a big parade. The Second Marine Division (a major makeup of Camp Lejeune) has been around for 75 years, and they had a parade to celebrate. There were 8,000 Marines in this parade. Yes, 8,000. Thinking about the logistics of lining up that many people in a formation just gives me a headache, but it was an impressive celebration to witness! (Not my pictures, as much as I wish I had a selfie stick as tall as those ladder trucks to take this cool picture!) 

 We made another trip to the not-so-local-hour-away hockey rink to skate! This time, we were just skating, no hockey. Mitchell brought his little buddy Brayden, who you might recognize from the swimming pictures! He broke in his new skates (why do kids grow so fast??) and Brayden wore his hand-me-downs. These boys have some big feet. Another fun Mommy-Mitchell date, and I’m glad we went because I’m not quite sure when our next one will be. 

That wraps it up. A whole post without Julia – what?! She’s still here. Currently sitting on my feet, warming them like a dog. It’s in the 20’s here. The ground is frozen and we can see our breath. But we’re braving the cold for a baby shower and Brayden’s (see above) birthday party today (party!), and maybe some pre-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day doughnuts. Which I will eat alone on the couch after bedtime watching Valentine’s Day, which I recorded just for this momentous occasion. Deployment is almost OVER. Depending on your definition of almost. After we finish celebrating a successful trip to the potty (yay, Mitchell! yay, mom life!), we’re off! Happy Saturday!

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