Valentine’s 2016

Valentine’s Day came and went before we even had a chance to prep. No decorations or festivities, just a quick donut date at Krispy Kreme with some heart shaped donuts. Somehow I thought it was a good idea to press snooze 13 times and only wake up in time for the late church service. Which falls during nap time. Which is never a good thing to miss. Even more genius, I thought we’d have our donut date before church and give my one and two year old a serious sugar rush. To the point of Mitchell standing in the middle of the restaurant, arms stretched out, spinning in circles, yelling “Daddy!” at the top of his lungs. Over and over again. And sadly Daddy was nowhere to be found, because I’m 0% sure that would have cured the sugar rush, despite Mr. Mitchell’s request. Sunday donuts are our thing, I am always reassured that I’m doing parenting right when we pull into the parking lot and Mitchell exclaims, “nuh-nuts!” from the backseat. 

Holiday donuts are way more delicious than regular donuts, don’t you think? 

Mitchell thinks. 

And then we pulled out the Krispy Kreme hat. Classic. 

Once we sufficiently covered our Valentine’s Day clothes in chocolate, we did a quick wipe down with the pack of wipes we found stuffed under the seats in the car that weren’t even dried out! Then we hit up the church nursery and the kids were happy to play with their friends. So long as I drop Mitchell off first because he can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to Julia in the nursery. Possibly the cutest tears I’ve ever seen him cry. And a momentous morning getting ready picture to document her first set of pigtails. Little did I know that it would be a day of many first, including her first bloody nose. No more monkeys jumping on the bed is all I have to say about that. Moving on. 

We rounded out our day with an early dinner date with our Katie! These kids have grown up knowing and loving her. They were quite excited when she woke them up with their very own Valentine’s balloons! Steve cooks me the same romantic dinner every Valentine’s, so naturally craving it on that particular day, I whipped it up for Katie and she made a perfect Valentine’s replacement so I wasn’t alone (yet again – because, deployments). 

My sweet husband sent me a pair of real pearl earrings (see above) (bye bye fake Claire’s pair!) and made me feel so spoiled! Other than that, it was just an ordinary Sunday. I went really crazy and spent my Valentine’s shampooing our carpets. 

And hanging a top shelf in the laundry room. Because, deployment. Still some bin relabeling to do with all the added storage, but it looks just like the hubby did it, right?! Right. I was quite pleased with my idle Valentine’s Day handy work. 

All-in-all I’ll take any day with my babies I can get, but we’re getting really tired of doing these holidays husband and daddy-less. Because, you guessed it, deployment. We had the nicest FaceTime together tonight and Mitchell was chatting up Daddy like he was sitting on the other side of the dinner table eating peanut butter toast and bananas right there with him. Each time the phone froze, he’d cry for Daddy to come back on the phone. Hugely encouraging knowing he hasn’t forgotten any little bit of Daddy after seven months. But heartbreaking to see how much they want to be together and just can’t. But I’m liking the way our countdown is looking lately, though, and the few glimpses of warm weather we’ve had are also encouraging! The spring cleaning and planning continues here at the Martin household. Because once spring is here, we’ll hit the ground running! 

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