Sunday at the Beach

Because I know you haven’t read this a thousand times in the last eight months, I. Can’t. Wait. For. Spring. This season is going to be good to us this year, and between spring and summer, we have so many exciting and happy events on the horizon! Most importantly, homecoming, but also parties and wedding events galore! And the best part is we get to do them as a FAMILY. So when the weather took a turn for the warm for a few days, we made a mad dash to the beach after Sunday church service. And donuts of course. I remember the days after we were first married. We pretty much spent our 22-year-old newlywed summer on this beach with a Jeep, a German Shepherd, and a cooler. We’d grab Subway and drive down the beach until we couldn’t see anyone in either direction and set up shop for the day. My fingers are crossed we find a day to do this again this summer, at least once, and pretend like I have the time to get that tan again. Ha! 

Grandma Martin was still in town for the week, so she accompanied us to the beach! She usually frequents the beaches at Martha’s Vineyard, so this was a little warmer a little earlier than her stomping grounds. 

Mitchell was happy to chase the birds and throw sand at any and all moving targets, including his sister. There is probably still sand in her ears if you look hard enough. 

Julia was a little insulted when I left her alone to walk in the sand. She’s in the separation anxiety phase and hates seeing me walk out of a room, or set her down for that matter. It didn’t help that I woke her from a solid carseat nap for this adventure. It’s all fun and games until Mommy puts the baby down. 

That’s it. Another post with a whole bunch of pictures. For as many as I post, there are 100 more. Just wait until summer and I can really go crazy with some beach pictures! I’ve waited a whole month (and a leap day) to say this – next month is MARCH! We can’t wait!!!

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