Navy Friends

I love this military life. But I wish they would stop giving me the best of friends and then sending them away. Lindsay in Pennsylvania. Kim and Katie in Florida. Whitney back at Eglin Air Force Base. Danika in Michigan. Tiffany in South Carolina. Katie in Oregon. Jenny in New York. Need I go on? Back in November we said goodbye to our good friend, Marly. EOD school was long enough to up and move us to Florida, but not long enough to stay even a year. I was lucky to make an amazing friend, and while our husbands went to work and played with bombs, we grew these two little things in our bellies. By the time we moved away, we were both very preggo and very sad to say goodbye. Now that these girls are o.n.e., it’s clearly been too long since we’ve seen each other. Luckily the military sent them to Virginia, which happens to be a neighboring state and totally do-able for a weekend visit. So guess what we did this weekend…

First thing was first. I snagged this girl to take some birthday portraits in honor of her first birthday. Tell me she isn’t the sweetest brunette to Julia’s red hair of all time. 

I wish these girls could grow up the best of military brat friends! Alas, they are Navy and will always be at a different base, so I don’t think it’s in the cards. But we will sure try to visit them whenever we can. 

Mitchell hung with the big boys, and Myron sweetly passed down a race car toy to him, which he has proudly carried around for the last 48 hours. God gives everyone different talents. And this family has to have the most welcoming houses I’ve ever been in. They have a way of opening their doors to their friends and making them feel like it’s totally normal to raid their refrigerator and crash on their couch. Everyone comes here to hang out, and inevitably ends up leaving 8 hours after you originally planned to. It was this way in Florida, and sure enough, it’s the same in Virginia. So we did – crash on their couch. And raid their refrigerator  The kids drank all of their milk and I drank their wine 😉 

Mitchell felt right at home having a whole box of trains to play with. He sat right here for the evening and I didn’t hear a word from him. The boy is endlessly entertained by trains and Little Einsteins. 

Annnnnd the best part of the night – totally worth the trip. I’m already itching to come back for another visit, maybe with the hubby next time so they can talk shop and have guy time. Love you Marly (and Nick)! 

I saw this picture floating around the Internet this past week. Story. of. this. life. Don’t get me wrong, I love where we are. But some days I miss Florida and this girl something fierce!

They sent us off with homemade waffles, and we made our way to DC (yep, again!) for a reunion with our favorite college friends/Coast Guard family. More on that later. Happy Monday 😀 

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