Coast Guard Friends

We spent last weekend in our favorite big city – Washington DC. Robin and I go way back, like first day of college (nine years ago! ahhhh!!) way back. Her wedding would have easily made a blog post, but it was about three months before I started blogging, so I’ll give you a quick Robin rundown. No pun intended, because that girl can run. Marathons. Triathlons. At times so competitive you can just take whatever I could finish it in and divide it in half. Robin and I met in the fall of our freshman year at Connecticut College, as we were both recruited to play ice hockey. She was a physics pre-med major and I, well, wasn’t. Now wrapping up her PhD and starting med school, she’s officially made my Master’s degree feel like a fifth grade certificate they hand to you at a pretend elementary school graduation, but I’m okay with that. We shared a college apartment once upon a time. Since our school was next door to the Coast Guard Academy, she found herself a cute Coastie while she was there, who she ended up marrying a few years ago! I drove up to Massachusetts for her wedding a few years back very pregnant (eight months – don’t miss those days), and went solo, because deployment. She made the most beautiful bride and I was so happy to be able to be there for her (again, in my very, very pregnant and swollen state). Robin is a gem of a friend and I was so excited for the opportunity for her to be the short drive up to DC! Even better – it was her birthday weekend!

Robin and her husband, Brian!

It was the first time she got to meet Julia, so we were all very excited, despite Julia’s little pout face. 

I wasn’t destined to get a family picture with both of them. 

After we walked around the National Mall and my FitBit buzzed that glorious 10,000 step achievement, we made a beeline for the row of food trucks. I got myself the most delicious Philly Cheesesteak, two hotdogs (no ketchup because I ain’t no rookie mom asking for extra laundry) for the kids, and we found a nice grassy spot to sit and eat under the Washington Monument. 

Mitchell had a good old time playing with Brian!

We only had a half day, because we were driving back to North Carolina that evening. Something about getting back on a Saturday night instead of Sunday makes me feel much more ready for the week. 

They are the cutest couple! It’s so fun when your pre-marriage friends get married. Especially when they marry a military guy and then you get to be milso’s together! 

One last picture for now. 

It was a weekend filled with military friends. We got to visit our Navy friends from our time at Eglin Air Force base. Then we finally got to meet Chelsea (also Navy!) from Anchors Aweigh! (More on that later, and if you don’t read her blog, you should). And we rounded out the weekend with Robin and Brian. It’s really just a big coincidence that a lot of my friends from high school and college ended up marrying military too! This was our last big weekend round-up. We’ve been taking big advantage of our three day weekends to get away and visit friends we normally wouldn’t. But with deployment wrapping up, we’ll soon be spending our three day weekends soaking up all the family time we can get! I think I’m setting an all-time blog post average low lately, but fear not, we are still here. Prepping for some exciting things and staying busy as ever! Tonight you can find me celebrating my Monday off and three day work week by polishing the floors and dusting the whole house while watching Jessa and Jill: Counting On! Party time!

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