Easter 2016

Our last holiday without Daddy. We had three whole days of nothing to do but spend time together, relax, and catch. up. And let me tell you, there was a lot of catching up that needed to be done. Last week kind of chewed us up and spit us out, so Good Friday was so good to us. 

We kicked off Easter weekend with an egg hunt in our little neighborhood. It was so nice of the management here to put this on for the residents, and I’m super grateful to live in a community with events like this for Mitchell and Julia! We were running late (we’re always running late!) because I was coming from work. But we loaded up and walked over, rolling the stroller up just in time for the ready, set, go! And for my kids to stand there (3/4 shoes… this seems to be a trend lately) and watch all the other children collect the eggs. 

Well, Mitchell got one, but that’s only because he picked it up after he tripped on it. Those kids are  competitive, I tell ya! And my poor one and two year old were caught in a daze by all the madness. 

But not to worry, they were reassured when the Easter Bunny came to see them! #not

Especially Julia. #reallynot

But not to worry, because they cared 1,000 times more about playing at the park than they did about collecting eggs. And they had a bounce house. Double bonus. 

I found this picture of myself on our neighborhood Facebook page after the event. I guess I really liked it because it’s so me. Chasing our two little babies around with my camera while we make memories together. Terrible quality but a favorite, nonetheless.

The weekend came and went. We went for two bike rides and took two trips to the park in between the rain, getting our quota of fresh air for the weekend. 

I took them out in their Easter garb for some prEaster pictures.

Leave it to Mitchell to trip on his shoelaces. Not only did I have to edit out the already-existing bruise on his forehead, he also added a scraped nose, double bloody nose, and bloody, swollen lip mid-pictures. Which left me stripping him down in a panic a five minute walk from the car because he had on his nice church clothes, and his white Crew Cut shorts. And the baby wipes were in the car. Seriously, that happened. I feel like I would be doing my readers an injustice if I let them look at these seemingly easy pictures and not share the truth about what really went down. It was probably karma for parking my red-stickered vehicle in a blue sticker park. (Military friends, you know what I’m talking about). I’m 90% kidding. Luckily it wasn’t anything a Rice Krispie treat and an iPad couldn’t fix (yay, bribery), and we salvaged my efforts to get nice Easter pictures of the kids. Much thanks to photoshop.

And then came Sunday, and church. First Baptist Jacksonville. To glorify all people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. (Their mission and they’re doing it). Pastor Jason. He hits the nail on the head and makes you feel like he wrote his sermon for you – every weekend. Y’all, if you live here, you need to come. Easter was no exception. 

They made a cute little photo-op in the lobby of our church! And my kids could have cared less but we got a picture for Daddy and we’re all in it. 

We came home after church to find the Easter bunny left a few eggs scattered around the living room and Easter baskets on the table! Some lucky babes. It looks like the Easter bunny dug into the garage storage for last year’s Easter books and stuffed bunnies. He was also very practical in choosing socks, sandals, and belts, conveniently all things we needed anyway. The Easter bunny and Mommy think a lot alike. 

A quick peek inside their baskets. I spy some outfits for Daddy’s homecoming! If it’s warm enough. If not, they can wear footie pajamas, and I could care less because I WILL FINALLY HAVE A HUSBAND. 

Mitchell was so enthralled with the Easter egg hunt (ten eggs with a pack of Rice Krispie treats on sale from the PX, I went all out), that I had to point out the surprise on the table. Boy, did Grandmas spoil this year. Thanks to Grandma Martin, we read and reread enough bunny books for a lifetime, and Grandma Brim made sure they had the cutest little personalized bags and clothes! 

We’ve had the song Resurrecting by Elevation Worship on repeat around the house this week. I promise you won’t be sorry if you go listen to it. Can’t get enough of that song. We’re rejoicing the resurrection of our Savior this week, and counting the days until April. Our favorite month of the year, at least this year! If you’ve been around the blog for more than 30 seconds, I’m sure you can guess why. Happy Easter, friends! Hope this Monday treats you well. 

4 thoughts on “Easter 2016

  1. They are so cute! And they totally scored with their Easter baskets! Whoop whoop!
    I'm with ya on the community egg hunts, maybe when my kids are older it will be fun, but we didn't even bother this year because not only are the kids super competitive, but it's their parents that are making it worse! Come on people, there's plenty for everyone!


  2. You have the most adorable children. Way to go with the Easter baskets. George is only 19 months, so we figured we got one more year for him not to give a hoot what is happening so we could slide one more time.


  3. Hi Kourtney,I am Yagna from KidloLand. I would love to give Mitchell and Julia a year's subscription to our Educational App KidloLand. I am sure they will love it and also learn a lot! Do mail me at info@kidloland.com if you are interested.
    Cheers! Yagna

    PS: your kids are really cute.loved their pictures.


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