March Roundup

A quick post so my blog readers don’t think I’ve forgotten about this little blog. I haven’t, I promise. I would classify our spring thus far as good-ish. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some great days. The flowers in our yard bloomed right up. 

The March sunshine showed up like nobody’s business seemingly right away. We wore outfits like this to church and fled to the park afterward for outdoor fun.

We snuck in the first bike rides of the season.

We caught lazy weekend naps with the sunshine pouring through the windows. 

We busted out our spring colored bows to match our new polka-dot leggings! 

We helped our friend Katie move from the east coast to the west coast. More on that later, but we sure were sad to say goodbye to her. She’s been coming over for family dinners and been the greatest friend for f.i.v.e. years and we already miss her a ton!

We loaded up on our last round of groceries before Daddy is home!

We played outside a lot and ate popsicles. Julia’s hair is getting curlier and longer by the day and I love it. 

Then all of the sudden we had to bust out our friend Mr. Thermometer, and it’s been a steady decline ever since. I’m about 95% Mitchell has another ear infection. A quick update in that department. The Ear Nose Throat doctor has officially diagnosed him with chronic ear infections, and inability to drain the fluid in his ears, and has him on the calendar for surgery next month. This could be a big help in the speech department, but more on that later. 

Seemingly five minutes later the warm, glowing sunshine went hiding somewhere with my motivation to do anything productive. So back into winter hibernation we went. We managed to all get sick. 101 degree fevers for all today, and I lost my voice. When I say I lost  my voice, I mean I literally can’t. talk. At all. In 27 years this has never happened, and I’m hoping and praying it comes back soon. And the last 27 hours of not being able to talk, it’s proved to be pretty inconvenient. 

In our indoor news, we wrapped up another session of bible study. A few weeks off and then we’re back to starting a new round with a fresh book! I am really excited for this, and Mitchell is always excited for his sweet friends to come over and play while us girls sit at the table and talk, about 75% on topic 😉

Indoors means more reading. Mitchell has been a little book worm lately and it’s so cute to see him pick out the book to read in the car with such careful deliberation. And then see how he reads it on his own, pointing out everything he knows in the pictures and showing off his rapidly growing vocabulary. 

And now it’s back to coats and heated seats in the car. 

And on that note, this is the reminder in my email inbox today. I thought we lived in North Carolina! 

My to-do before Daddy gets home list is rapidly becoming my to-do list for Daddy when he gets home. I promise I had the best intentions. I really did. It looks like our pretty summer homecoming dresses might just be jeans and coats, our first family outing might be grocery shopping at Walmart, but having him home (and soon!) is what really matters. We’re in survival mode this week, I tell ya. Spring seems to be quite a tease with the hope of warm weather and Daddy’s homecoming on the horizon, but not quite here. And on that note, we are off to the C-Store in our pajamas in the middle of this sick day afternoon because we are out of milk. You know you’re in desperate Mommy mode when you’re actually considering driving across town to the Chic-Fil-A drive-thru for a chocolate milkshake (maybe it will magically bring my voice back!) and six kids milks to last you through tomorrow so you don’t have to drag your kids in the store. Don’t tell me you’ve never been there. My “weekend off” consisted of 16 hours of overtime. And these kids are always 20x more needy than average when I’m sick, but goodness I love them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even when I feel like this…
See, I promise it’s not all sunshines any rainbows around here. I’m hoping after this milk run I find myself able to rally and clean the mess I’ve been watching these rugrats make from the couch all day while I binge watch Lifetime movies. Husband, where are you?! Phone home!

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