Spring Cleaning & Homecoming Prep

Still here, promise! I am sitting here at my computer desk with a full heart, listening to Mitchell and Steve play together and chat away downstairs. In a few minutes we’ll be getting ready to have a family outing in Wilmington, which may seem so mundane to most, but to us it’s such a treat to be together! Our family whole for the first time since July! We are taking full advantage of our time together (which unfortunately has been a little limited, more on all things homecoming later)! Spring cleaning went hand in hand with homecoming prep this year. Deployments seem to drag and fly by at the same time, and before we knew it, we were down to three days to clean the house and decorate! We made sure the hubby had a comfortable, clean home to come home to. And some fun decorations to make sure he knew we missed him like crazy! 

Our flowers are slowly popping up (a few have now bloomed since I took this picture!). The green makes everything feel so fresh and friendly! Add in some red, white, and blue and we were ready. 

And onto the inside. Steve missed so much while he was gone. To include Christmas and birthdays. So we hit up the PX one evening and picked out a few things we knew he could use, since we haven’t been able to gift him lately! Protein powder, a few new shirts, a toothbrush, new pens, a coffee mug – things like that. We opened them over our first family dinner and it was our little gesture to say we love him!

And then, we hung banners everywhere. I started the banner tradition at Mitchell’s birthday party, followed suit at Julia’s, and just had to hang them for homecoming too! They make the house feel so festive, and I just love how we can do that with some construction paper and string!

Not really homecoming related, but pre-mom Kourtney didn’t have any idea hanging art projects all over the house would be one of her favorite parts of motherhood!

And onto the playroom. This is where the spring cleaning took full effect. 

Anyone else’s playrooms look this clean on a daily basis? Good, mine neither. 

We covered our art wall with red, white, and blue crafts for Daddy! 

Not homecoming related, but one of my favorite walls in the house. Always filled with camera bags, diaper bags, backpacks, purses, Daddy’s hats, and dog leashes. With a map hanging above showing everywhere Daddy has deployed. Both DIY projects. Maybe if I’m feeling blogbitious someday I’ll blog about them. 

Matching backpacks are like a mommy dream. 

And onto the upstairs. I wish my house was this clean all the time, for real.

Another favorite DIY project – my giant stairway chalkboard. I redo it most seasons or big events with a fun design, so naturally we made a homecoming one! 

Mitchell’s airplane room for once not covered in “choo choo” tracks! 

Julia’s big girl room is a work in progress but a little sneak peek!

And last, but not least, our little beach hideaway. One of Steve’s buddies stayed here for a few nights after homecoming, and we snuck down to make sure he felt welcomed home too. Goodness, I can’t wait to get down here with the family and enjoy this! We didn’t have any time to stay that afternoon, but we sure wanted to! 

That’s all for today, folks. Just a quick post. A full blown homecoming post to come, but we’re still waiting to see those pictures from our super-talented photographer ourselves! We’re keeping ourselves busy with things like hockey and family dinners and naps this weekend! A very, very happy Saturday!

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