Fire Trucks and Hockey

…pretty much sum up Mitchell’s interests as of lately. Everytime we hear a “woo-woo” (fire truck/ambulance/police car), we try our darnedest to spot it and jump up and down with delight. It makes my heart happy knowing they are learning that these public servants are here to help them, by means of sacrificing themselves, a concept lost on so many youth these days. This event was awesome! Lately I’ve been hesitant to spend our afternoon at the one-time public events (they always seem so crowded!), but the Swansboro Touch-A-Truck event was put together wonderfully! The kids were greeted with a bag of popcorn, much to their delight, and marched right up to Mitchell’s favorite (the fire truck), and got to crawl all over it! There were tractors and all sorts of other trucks, but my little fire chief stuck firmly next to the ladder truck, and his sister does whatever he does. Mitchell had a blast seeing a life-sized “woo-woo” and Julia got to hug a firefighter, so they were happy as could be. It was also the morning of what was supposed to be homecoming night *before the delays* – but it kept us busy and out of the house, so we couldn’t mess up our hard homecoming work! 

Fast-forward a few days. Mitchell is at the age where we can plan our activities around his interests. The kid won’t put his floor hockey stick down, I tell ya. He drags those mini hockey nets all over the house. Upstairs. Downstairs. To the bathtub. We eat and sleep in that hockey jersey. It doesn’t help that Daddy is now home to reward all his hockey-loving behaviors, only reinforcing them more. So we took a family trip to the almost-local hockey rink for a day of skating! 

I guess you can call us a hockey family now! We’re having a mid-week weekend today, since neither of us have to work. And it’s 88 degrees and sunny, calling for a family trip to speech therapy and a quick mommy/daddy only trip to the beach in the Jeep! TGIT! 

One thought on “Fire Trucks and Hockey

  1. So cute. We are the same way – tend to avoid the big events here local. Just way way way too many people. I'm glad you all were able to get out and enjoy that one too.. and that you all are enjoying everything TOGETHER.


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