While You Were Away

With a nearly ten month deployment done and behind us (praise the lord!), I’m here to talk about what we did while the hubby was away. Because I realize I’ve already typed it out in painstaking detail for all to read, but it’s fun for me to recap it, so here we go. I’m a firm believer in d.o.i.n.g. instead of waiting. Waiting just makes the time apart seem to drag, and staying busy has always been my recipe to deployment success. I spent his first deployment graduating college, finishing my final two seasons of college athletics, moving from Connecticut to North Carolina and into our first home, and getting ready to start in my chosen career field. Moving onto his second deployment, you could find me working full time, wrapping up graduate school, growing and birthing our first baby, and adjusting to life as a mom. This time around I stuck with my tried and true “stay busy” method, and here is what we accomplished!

We ran a Run With the Law 5K in support of the local community & local law enforcement.

Exactly a week after deployment day, we got rear-ended. Managed to take both kids to the ER to get checked out, replace two car seats, and not lose my mind all in the same day. We got a cute little Ford Fusion to drive around while ours got fixed (and detailed on the other insurance company’s dime much to my delight!). We were hugely thankful to the local police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics who responded. I can laugh about it now, ha! 

We made our first trip to Washington DC, stopping at Fort Lee to see some Army friends along the way. 

We said goodbye to the pool and all the summer activities we love, knowing we were one season closer to seeing Daddy again. 

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary via FaceTime. 

The kids started the seemingly endless season of sickness, so we loaded up the dogs and all of our ‘stuff’ and spent a weekend of relaxation on the beach

I ran the Marine Corps Half Marathon! My first half, and I’m almost tempted to sign up again this year. We’ll see. 

After applying for a new position at work, I got the job! It came with more responsibility and lots to learn, but even better for the family, banker hours, no more work weekends, and four day work weeks! I said bye bye night shift and a constant state of tiredness and got the kids two spots in full time day care! This was God sending a huge dose of “you can do this” encouragement, making single parenting life infinitely more manageable. I was able to snag two day care spots for the kids and they’ve been thriving in their new school! 

With that extra time in the evenings, I started a bible study for military spouses in our neighborhood. I’m so grateful for the new friends I’ve made and our weekly fellowship! 

We said goodbye to two military families who became the best of friends. Those PCS’s are killing my social life, I tell ya. 

We made our second trip to Washington DC and celebrated our favorite three year old’s birthday! Mitchell got to reunite with his little girlfriend, Maybree. And his little girlfriend, Presley, since we stopped at Fort Lee to see our Army friends again. (Who have since PCS’d far, far away. Seriously, military. You’re killing me.)

We celebrated Halloween with a race car driver (Daddy’s favorite) and a pumpkin (Mommy’s favorite, after all my grandmother sewed the costume for me as a baby!). 

We spent Thanksgiving in Kansas with Grandma and Grandpa Brim!

We celebrated Christmas here at home, and were so blessed to have all the grandparents and an aunt and uncle come see us! 

Julia turned ONE. Goodbye baby, hello toddler. And the overwhelming baby fever commenced. 

This little blog of mine was featured in the not-so-little USA Today Year In Defense magazine

We made our third trip to Washington DC, visiting a whole whirlwind of friends again. 

Mitchell hit his six month mark of speech therapy. Getting him there two times a week has not been easy, I tell you, but the progress he’s made encourages me that it’s well worth it. We’re currently in the process of taking a few new approaches to helping his speech along, but more on that later. 

We made our fourth and final trip to Washington DC. This time to see three totally different friends than our first three trips. Marly – Navy wife! Chelsea – Navy wife! And Robin – Coast Guard wife! Every one we know seems to end up in these parts! 

Our last holiday without Daddy – Easter.

Then we hit the – holy cow, it’s less than a month until homecoming – state. And we all know how that goes. Stressing because there is dog hair on the floor and laundry in the dryer, all to see that one person you missed more than life step off the bus and completely forget about why it was so important to have all that food prepped in the refrigerator. They don’t really care if everything is perfect. They just want to see their family and sit on their couch and pet their dogs. 

There were a lot of things I wanted to do but didn’t while he was away. I would have liked to walked the dogs more. Found more time for the gym. Weaned the bottle, pacifier, and had complete potty training success. Taken Mitchell swimming more often. Read my bible, and more books in general. I’m admittedly the worst thank you carder sender and still have Julia’s (written at least!) sitting in a drawer in my kitchen. I sent o.n.e. care package, and I wish I could have sent perfectly cute ones with notes from the kids and thoughtful gifts. But I didn’t. I won’t dwell too much on what I didn’t accomplish, because boy were we successful this deployment. 

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