The Homecoming Video

To follow up on yesterday’s homecoming post, I’m checking for a minute with our homecoming video! This is something we captured when we did homecoming round two, and after I brought it home and cried while I watched it repeatedly, I knew I wanted a video again. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution kind of girl, but this year I’ve been making a conscious effort to take more videos of our family. This homecoming video is certainly something our entire family will cherish forever!
The girl behind the camera. And my sanity since she was such and amazing and supportive friend. I wrote briefly about her decision to drive up the day before homecoming from their new duty station (Parris Island! She’s a drill instructor wife now!). Julia was pleased as punch to have her little playmate back, since we hadn’t seen them since the girls turned one in January. Even better news, in two weeks we get to visit them at Parris Island and see their new home! We cannot thank you enough, Tiffany!

Happy Wednesday, which is even happier since it is my Friday this week! I am jetting off to Phoenix tomorrow to reunite with BOTH of my childhood best friends. Which is perhaps the world’s biggest coincidence since the visits are completely unrelated and none of us are from Arizona. More on that later, but boy am I excited for a complete girls weekend. You read that right. No kids. Just us girls, hiking, tanning, and a literally perfect forecast. Just gotta get through a day of work and a 4:00 am alarm clock tomorrow. Oh, and start packing 😉 

3 thoughts on “The Homecoming Video

  1. Oh my gosh the tears!!!!! I am in love!!!!! As much as I loved every bit of it I couldn't help but love the end when the pups saw their daddy!!!!!! Melt my heart!!! So happy for your family!! Xoxo


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