MARSOC Mud Run 2016

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in the MARSOC 5 Mile Mud Run on base! I ran the same run last year (three months post partum – yikes), and was so excited when I realized Steve would be home this year to do it together! Last year he was away for a month for some military training, so we made it into a girls event. This year was so fun, and our very first race together! I don’t think I’ll be able to convince him to run the Marine Corps Half Marathon with me (if I can even convince myself to run it again), but I definitely can’t wait to start participating in more events together! In a few weeks we are running the National Police Week Memorial 5K together, so we already have another race on the calendar!
We’ll back up to pre-race clean and smiling faces first. We had a last minute change of plans and our amazing neighbor offered to babysit rather late on the night before, and we were super grateful. We made it to the base (it is held on Stone Bay, which is a smaller Marine Corps base about 30 minutes away) with plenty of time to take a few before selfies.
We found our group on the starting line and saw several other people we knew running!
And off we went. The first mile or so is pavement, then some ordinary wooded trails, and then a few puddles. And then you hit this. More of a mud swim than a mud run in some parts, but still so fun.
We had surprisingly good weather and thankfully it wasn’t too cold.

One of the neatest parts of the race was running alongside some important Marine Corps leaders, like Major General Osterman and General Dunford’s wife (former Commadant of the Marine Corps and current Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff). It was a neat and motivating experience to see people of such importance out for a weekend community event like this. I am so proud of my husband and all of his individual accomplishments, and I can only imagine how their wives feel about their husbands’ distinguished military careers!

And so the mud continued. We had a few breaks waiting for different obstacles, where the course was a bit backed up. It gave me time to snap some pictures and I love our little GoPro for things like this! 

By the end of the race we were both wondering why we sign up for these things without training. I have not yet grasped the concept of finding the motivation to run regularly before a race. Maybe not so much grasped the concept as I haven’t found the time. I mean, two toddlers and a full time job don’t keep me busy or anything 😉
And so we got our muddy medals at the finish line and headed home for a nice long shower. I was still finding dirt days later… in my ears… hair… etc. But it was totally worth it! This race is a really fun event and my fingers are crossed that we can participate next year together!

There’s a quick recap of our fun Saturday morning mud date 🙂 Next up on the blog is last weekend’s trip to Phoenix to see two of my childhood best friends! Cannot wait to go through those pictures! But first, surgery for our little Mitchell tomorrow morning, so prayers are appreciated.

One thought on “MARSOC Mud Run 2016

  1. SO FUN!!!!
    Scott and I are doing the Marine Corp 5k Mud Run at Camp Pendleton in June and I cannot wait!!
    If you figure out how to convince Steve to run a half marathon let me know. I've been begging Scott for years to run one with me!


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