We Remember – EOD Memorial

Two weeks ago I blogged about the EOD Ball, here. Then life got crazy and I never got to wrap up our Florida mini-vacation. So here I am. The main reason we made our way down to Florida was for the EOD Memorial. Both events are part of a whole EOD Memorial weekend, which happens every year. This includes all four branches of military service, and is the first time, as a military spouse, I’ve never been exposed to anything outside of the Marine Corps. The Marines are a pretty tightknit community, so unless you’re a Navy Corpsman wife, we’ll probably never cross paths. Unless you’re a Milso blogger of course!

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That’s my usual reading list, anyhow. I’m all about adding a new Milso blogger to my reading list, though, so if you have good ones I’m missing, please share!

Back to the EOD Memorial. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve learned to adapt every time we PCS (military move). We only lived at Eglin Air Force Base for nine months and it felt like home traveling back. Although, I suppose it’s pretty hard not to feel at home in a place like Destin, Florida, right? Aboard Eglin Air Force Base is the EOD School for all branches of the military, along with a memorial for all EOD technicians killed in the performance of their duties. For those of you not familiar with the endless military three letter abbreviations, EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and to make it even more English, the bomb guys. The ones who put on those giant suits that make them look like turtles and cut the red and blue wires. (Just kidding, Steve hates it when I describe it like that because I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about). Not exactly the safest job in the books, but it’s something my husband is passionate about, so I support him endlessly and pray for him constantly. The bulk of the ceremony is spent honoring the EOD technicians with their names on the memorial wall, and adding any more KIA’s to the wall. I realize a lot of my readers come to this blog for the happy pictures of the babies and I try my best to highlight the good parts of this military adventure, because it has been so good. But, especially now, in the true spirit of Memorial Day, it is important to recognize the sacrifice of these men and women who epitomize the definition of America’s heroes. The next few pictures are of the EOD Memorial and ceremony, something that was a humbling, yet impressive, tribute to witness. The speaker was General Mark A. Welsh, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. I hope to make many more EOD weekends in Florida as Steve spends more years as a “tech,” as they call it. 

And if anyone is still with me, check out this video of a local Marine hero. These guys are just selfless in every meaning of the word. Coming up on the blog… whenever I find time to empty my memory card (good thing I upgraded to the 64gig!)…

Wrapping up our Florida Trip
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and last, but not least, Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals!

3 thoughts on “We Remember – EOD Memorial

  1. Great photos! Looks like you are missing an AF wife blog on your list… If you need one you can check my blog out! 😉 Anyway, we are moving to that general area of Florida in September and I'm really excited! Thanks for sharing!



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