Police Week 5k and Memorial

After my trip to Phoenix (here and here)… and after our trip to Florida (here, here, and here), we were DC bound for our third of four weeks of traveling. It was lucky that all these fun events fell right after Steve came home from deployment. Not quite as lucky that they were literally four weekends in a row, but we’ve hit the point that our heads aren’t spinning quite so quickly. We headed to DC for Police Week. This is a week dedicated to honoring the law enforcement profession, and the heroic police officers killed in the line of duty. In today’s America, with increasingly violent streets and lack of respect for law enforcement, police officers still put on their uniforms everyday, go to work, and put their best foot forward in serving our people. Men like my husband are doing this overseas,  but people like my dad (police officer) and uncle (retired deputy) are doing it here at home. My mom retired last week (more on that coming!), and my dad will be retired before I know it. I’ve always wanted to run the Police Week 5K with my dad before he retired. Not only did I run it with him, but so did my husband and his two grandchildren! Thankfully they were nice enough to push the stroller and run with me, because boy are these guys in shape and they would have blown through the course together in about 22 minutes if they were running without me! 

There were so. many. people. in DC for the event. We only participated in the run, but there were all kinds of events scheduled throughout the week. The actual run wound through the streets of downtown DC, past the capitol building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial. The Capitol Police had the roads blocked off for the event, people were cheering everyone on, and it was so refreshing to see all of the LEO families and supporters honoring those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice, and those who continue to keep our homes safe everyday. 

The run started and finished at the National Law Enforcement Memorial. For any of you visiting DC and looking for something new to visit, I highly recommend this memorial. It is two long walls inscribed with names of every police officer killed in the line of duty. 

During National Police Week, families and brother officers bring all kinds of patches, pictures, letters, doors of police cruisers, Mountain Dew bottles, and other mementos to honor the men and women on the wall. It was pretty incredible to see all these officers remembered in this way. 

One of the most recent fallen officers, Detective Brad Lancaster, was from the Kansas City Police Department. This is where I grew up, so seeing the tribute to him hit close to home. He was actually buried on the same day this was taken, and our hearts and prayers were for the Kansas City Police Department on that day. Always remembered, never forgotten. 

We’re a big fan of the law enforcement community in this family. We’re hoping to make it back to run again in the coming years. Bonus that it’s a quick drive up to DC and there are all kinds of other places to visit! (More on the Air & Space Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Marine Corps Museum coming up!) I write this as we wrap up a glorious three day weekend. Thankfully it’s only a three-day work week and we’re DC-bound (again) for a wedding! 

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