Mitchell’s Third Birthday Preview

It’s almost time to celebrate our first little baby boy turning t.h.r.e.e. On a much less important note, I started this blog after he was born to document his life and I’m oh-so-glad I did. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for three years now, but all those little moments and memories are documented! It’s crazy to look how far he’s grown, and especially lately, how much he talks!!! His first two years we were amazed watching him grow from a tiny little string bean, to a chubby baby boy, to a tall and skinny toddler who towers over all his peers. 

This year has been the year of speech for Mitchell! Up until two, he still didn’t say Mama. Listening to him now, you’d have no idea. And that all happened in a year. Most of it in the last six weeks! He’s been working so hard at his speech with him amazing therapist, twice a week, all year long. Then we got him hooked up with an IEP at the school and we’re getting started with some extra speech time and a new therapist. And most recently, he got a set of bionic ears (as Grandpa Brim puts it), with a surgery for some tubes. His learning curve increased exponentially and this boy is talking in SENTENCES. He went from non-verbal to sentences in a year. I’m so proud of him for all that hard work he put in and so excited for all of his progress! 

So we’re set to celebrate Mitchell’s birthday a few days early. We’re going to spend the day at the beach with family and friends and throw a shark party! I’ve done absolutely nothing to plan for this party (gotta get on that – after this weekend it’ll be full planning mode), but I’ve been busy! Mitchell loves all things sharks and hockey, and coincidentally, our favorite hockey team is the San Jose Sharks! So it was a no-brainer when we were picking a birthday party theme. 

My goal is to teach him to tell people that he’s three when they ask him how old he is. We’re working on it. Maybe by his birthday! Otherwise if you ask, “How old are you?” he replies, “How old are you?” Old buddy, just old. It’s much more fun to hear you say three than hear mommy cringe as she says 27, ha!

We had fun in the Walmart swim section picking out a few things for the pool this summer. Which is officially open! Mitchell and I snuck out of the house last weekend (and sent Julia to the store with Daddy) and had our first pool date of the season! Our Sam’s Club membership pays for itself in the amount of sunscreen our family needs, and I’m all about a long sleeved matching swim suit top. His favorite pool toy is the good old splash ball, and he asks be to put on his goggles about 20 times per pool visit but always takes the off right away. 

Mitchell is the best big brother and loves making Julia laugh. He loves trying to tickle any participant that will fake a laugh and has the sweetest heart. He gives out hugs and kisses whenever I ask, and it’s the b.e.s.t. He always tells me, “Mommy, cute!” whenever I put on a dress and that has got to be the best complement in the world! 

We fiiiinally ditched the pacifier a few weeks ago. I know, bad Mommy, but I was hanging onto that thing for dear life to get him – well, me – through deployment. But now that Daddy’s home, he’s been my driving force not to give in, and honestly, he stopped asking for it for a few days. He’s also coincidentally ditched the glorious nap and has had a much harder time falling asleep (I seriously contemplated giving it back to him last night but the hubby resisted). 

Mitchell still loves his brown blankie – it’s been his favorite since we could tell he had the slightest preference, and he’s carried it around his entire life. We had a scare when we lost it in Kansas, but thankfully it was recovered, and we now have a (very expensive!) identical back-up blankie. Those people on ebay certainly know that it’s discontinued and totally take desperate parents like us! More on that coming. 

This particular night, Mitchell and I snuck out of the house for a Mommy-Mitchell date at the beach. In the last year, this boy has morphed into a total beach bum and did not want to leave, despite my most desperate attempts at bribing. I have a feeling we are going to spend a lot of time here. He loved watching the military ships and all of the “heli-cockers” flying overhead. We’re really working on that “pt” sound but for now we’re constantly hearing about heli-cockers, because those are right up there with sharks and hockey on this list of things Mitchell loves. 

I can’t believe in just over a year we’ll be buying school uniforms and thinking about starting school. What?! How is that possible. Onto Pre-K, then kindergarten, then high school prom, then his wedding. Make it stop. Being his Mommy is truly such a sweet blessing. 

And so I’ll wrap up the Mitchell summary. On my Mitchell to do list – schedule his three year old appointment, first dental appointment, eye exam, and his swim evaluation so he can start swim lessons soon! Being a big boy comes with lots of responsibilities. We can’t wait to continue taking him to play hockey (just stick&puck, no team yet) and start him on a soccer team, but first up – swim lessons. Being a mom is so fun! It’s crazy to think in just 18 months this will be Julia, because she’s just behind him. She looks up to him and tries to do so much of what he does, and he’s so thoughtful and understanding about having a constant tag along! The older she gets, the more people ask if they are twins. So funny to me! 

In honor of our hockey team (the Sharks!) being in the Stanley Cup Finals for the very first time (my husband’s excitement is palpable), we pulled out the hockey gear on the beach to show we’re ready for the end of hockey season out here in North Carolina! It will be a happy day in our house all around if the Sharks win the Stanley Cup. 

I know we’ve been back in North Carolina for over a year now, but it feels like home having Mitchell back where he was born. No matter where we end up, Camp Lejeune will always have a special place in our hearts as the place we got to raise Mitchell and Julia! Before Mitchell, this is the same beach we’d take the Jeep out with Zoe and drive until we couldn’t see anyone, and park for the day. Now we can’t even imagine life without a car filled with carseats! 

Mitchell, we love everything about you. We love those growing feet that are a little less clumsy everyday. The ones that pitter patter around the house as you chase your sister and run from the dogs. 

We love that strawberry-blonde hair, exactly like you dad’s, and your sister’s. I hope it never goes away and we raise a whole family of little redheads. 

We love those little gap-teethed. They are so. darn. cute. and right now I don’t even care that we’ll probably have to pay for braces someday. Right now they’re adorable. 

We love your drive for adventure. You love exploring outside. You love bugs and chase down bees, trying to catch them. I’m sure you’ll learn that lesson the hard way when Mommy and Daddy aren’t there to stop you. You love playing in the dirt or the sand. You love picking flowers when you shouldn’t and smelling any plant that’s green (fake or not) and exclaiming, “Mmmmm!” You’re happy to stop your “bike” (tricycle) every ten seconds to collect a whole bin full of sticks from the sidewalk and keep them as treasures. 

Your imagination is so entertaining these days. We’re constantly being chased by bears and alligators, and the only reasonable solution is to whisper our words and hide! You tell us over and over, “Alligator, coming! Alligator, coming, Mommy! Scared!” Cracks us up. 

We’re diving into year four as parents. We still have no idea what we’re doing, but when you shout things like, “Amen!” as we pull into the church on Sunday morning, we know we’re doing something right. We see your empathy when you say a crying baby is sad. We see how you care when you make sure sissy has her blankie for bedtime. We see how you’re still our little boy when you ask us to kiss your owies. 

As I type this you’re lying next to me on the couch, drinking a nice cold bottle of milk with your right hand, and petting Loki’s head with your left. He loves you so, because he lays down right next to you and puts his head as close as he can. Your legs are crossed and you’re zoned in on the hockey game, laying on a pillow that’s bigger than you. You and your dad are completely consumed by the Stanley Cup Final game, watching your very favorite team, and it makes me so happy because I know it is something you can share together for years to come. 

You’re ready to be a big boy but you’re not quite there yet. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in these three years. Next up Julia, just 18 months behind. Meanwhile I’m over here in disbelief that our babies are growing up. 

Just a few more weeks and we’ll be celebrating your big milestone on the beach! I just can’t wait. But tonight we’re celebrating our other favorite guy, Daddy, because it’s his birthday today! In true parent/adult fashion, we gave him the lamest birthday ever with a take-out dinner and no cake. But he spent the whole day with our sweet girl with a Daddy-Daughter day, and folded all of our laundry. Birthday MVP. I meant to get this blog up this morning, and here I am at bedtime with a full list of things to do. Typical. But tomorrow’s our Friday, so three cheers for that! 

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