Weekend Recap

Why do three day weekends sometimes feel like the shortest?? We had the sweetest weekend with NOTHING TO DO. In case you didn’t catch that, I’m emphasizing the nothing to do part. It was the most beautiful weekend here in coastal North Carolina, so we spent a whole lot of Friday and Saturday outside and most of Sunday on the couch. This is the weekend I’ve been waiting for, y’all. We had a spring full of travel and activities (all fun, but oh-so-busy), and I’ve been vowing to everyone to have the laziest summer ever, starting with this weekend. And it was a pretty darn good start. We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the neighborhood pool. They might as well just put our names on some chairs here, because we plan to be here every chance we get. Like tomorrow – 91 and sunny – you can count on us being “that family” in line at the gate when it opens.
I know there are some other moms out there who can appreciate the wonderfulness of a good long-sleeved swimsuit. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve accepted the fact (and love the fact) that all of our children will likely have that beautiful head of red hair; however, this is unfortunately accompanied by s.u.n.b.u.r.n.s. Luckily (knock on wood) we’ve been diligent enough in our reapplication to avoid a sunburn to their pale little bodies thus far, but I attribute much of this to Target/Wal-Mart and their ability to convince me to pick up every long-sleeved little girls swimsuit I pass on the rack. My weakness. Julia opted for about 20 minutes of swimming and a two hour stroller nap. Gone forever are the days of casually napping poolside with my headphones in. Apparently when you’re a parent you’re expected to supervise and stuff.

 I’m hardly available for those casual weekday playdates so it’s a total bonus when we can meet our bible study friends for a pool date! My friend’s daughter has the biggest blue eyes! And she has a little baby sister for me to snuggle up every Tuesday night. I’ve been not-so-subtly hinting to her mom to let me do a family photoshoot of them and I won’t stop until I get them all behind my camera lens 😉


Mitchell was hurting for a nap at this point, so this is what I got when I gave him the dreaded five minutes until it’s time to go warning. It’s totally worth it to skip the nap on my days off to spend a little extra time together sometimes, and sometimes he just doesn’t go to sleep these days, but boy can he get cranky. In this particular moment, he was crying because we got out of the pool because he was crying because we were in the pool. Makes sense, right? It does if you’re two.  

And the full blown tantrum by the time we left the pool. At least Nancy Jo was happy, ha!

I was able to sneak in a quick family session over the weekend. I typically don’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to photography these days, but I sure love it when I do. I’m scoping out this location for our next family session whenever my friend/personal photographer Lindsay (more on our recent visit in DC with them tomorrow!) comes to town. It was absolutely beautiful! Plus I got to snuggle another baby – bonus!

Friday night we snuck out of the house for a hockey date. Bad part – it doesn’t start until 10:15 (at night!) and it’s an hour away, and I can hardly stay up until 1am anymore. Okay, truth be told, I never could. But the good part is we can have the kids in bed before we even leave and they never know we’re gone. Whenever I let Steve pick date night, it’s a pretty safe bet this is where we’ll end up. I’ll take a blister from my skates over a pair of high heels any day. We’re taking advantage of our sitter while we can, since our only two left are both moving back to Texas and we’re going to be sitter-less soon. Time to start the new babysitter hunt. I’ve been putting it off but I really need to get on that.

On Saturday we did one thing. Beach.

Our old pack and play has become the beach pack and play. The carrier has a broken zipper, there are holes in the bottom, it has salt water and milk stains. But it does the job perfectly to keep the littlest one contained and relatively sand-free for the day. And lets Steve and me actually sneak in the water for a swim together! Just throw a basket of beach toys and a pacifier in there and she’s happy. I got the idea of bringing one out to the beach from Pinterest about three years ago, and we’ve done it every summer since. So annoying carrying it out there, but so totally worth it every time.  

Two kissy pictures in one weekend! These two are the sweetest!

And then our friends showed up with a whole slew of kids for Mitchell to play with.
And corn hole boards.

And another baby to snuggle. Three in one week! I was in heaven!

By the end of the day Julia had sand in every possible place you could imagine. Which is now all either in her car seat or on our bathroom floor. (They’re both on my list of things to clean on Sunday that didn’t get cleaned on Sunday).

On Sunday we stayed home and did a whole lot of relaxing. It’s hard to believe five of the last six weekends we’ve been traveling and the other free weekend we hosted family! Everyone stayed in their pajamas and rocked bedhead all day. I fiiiiinally got a chance to catch up on my picture editing and blog-prepping. I was so far behind after our latest travels and Rachel’s wedding – coming on the blog this week! This picture here is what I found after we walked out of the room for five minutes. How she got up here remains a mystery, but she thought she was pretty darn clever.

After a few delicious home cooked meals on Friday and Saturday, we pretty much ate goldfish, animal crackers, and taquitos on Sunday and called it good. Again, laziest day ever. It was a bit of a let down to see our hockey team (San Jose Sharks!) lose in the Stanley Cup Finals, but it was their best season yet and it was fun to do so much hockey watching as a family this year. Especially now that Mitchell loves it so much! This week is full of work and birthday party planning. It’s crazy to think that a week from today, Mitchell will be three! Lately he’s been seeming a whole lot less two and much more three with all of his talking and such! Happy Monday – but only because I’m not working Tuesday 🙂

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