Grant & Rachel’s Bridal Luncheon

A quick post on this Friday (yay!!) afternoon. It’s a little crazy here today with birthday party prep for Mitchell (three years old!!) and family arriving in town! I’ll warn you, this week there are going to be a LOT of wedding pictures. For the most part, I keep my (professional) photography and this little blog separate, but my two worlds collided for this wedding weekend, and I’m too darn excited not to share it here! And so begins Rachel’s unofficial takeover of the blog with her amazing wedding. She had an unbelievably talented photographer (Abby Grace Photography) for the wedding itself, but I was so honored that she asked me to photograph all of the in between events! (Bridal luncheon, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, getting ready events, and all of the “extras” that go along with the actual “I Do’s”)… I sure love weddings! This girl is truly a blessing to anyone she meets, so I can’t wait to share a little bit about her with you this week on the blog, and share these pictures with her friends and family. And for the sake of my personal record keeping, because if it doesn’t go on the blog, Lord knows I’ll forget about it a year later. I have the worst memory, so taking pictures of these things helps me remember all the special little details! 

I’ll start off by saying that Rachel’s wedding party was in.sane. There were twelve of us girls. God blessed this bride with the ability to form precious relationships with so many people.  She has a way of making everyone feel like the most special person in the room, and truly connects with all kinds of people. Not a single one of these girls could say a bad things about Rachel. (Except maybe Julia, her sister, ha!)

Rachel’s entire wedding weekend was so thoughtfully planned. A little background on her. She and Grant are both young professionals living in the DC area. Grant has been in DC for awhile… and recently graduated from Georgetown Law! This couple is going places, I tell ya. When things got serious between Rachel and Grant (i.e. engaged), Rachel relocated to DC. She was so blessed with the sweetest aunt and uncle, who let her move right into their house until her big wedding day! They not only treated her like (not extended) family, but their backyard was the most beautiful setting for a little bridal luncheon. 

We all spent a weekend getting to know each other in Phoenix about a month earlier, so it was like we were all getting back together after a few weeks apart instead of meeting everyone for the first time! 

The little details of every event were so thoughtfully planned and made this weekend so much more special for everyone! It’s easy to feel like you get lost in the mix a little when you’re attending a wedding for either a bride or a groom, but Rachel and Grant did an amazing job at throwing what is now being referred to as “the wedding of the century.” Ha! But they really did – can’t wait to share more on that later! 

After everyone arrived, we all filled our plates and had the sweetest lunch, with the most beautifully (yet hilarious) delivered speech by Rachel introducing all of the guests, leaving us all laughing! 

Rachel has the sweetest family, and she’s marrying into one just as great! With all of the grandma’s in attendance and everyone all fancied up, it was the perfect chance for some family pictures. Who am I kidding? It’s always the perfect chance for some family pictures. Just ask my husband and he’ll tell you how I feel about family pictures 😉 

After lunch was over, we had a few minutes to chat, but before we knew it we were reminded of all the wedding festivities! Next up, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, welcome party – and that wasn’t even the wedding day yet! We snapped as many girly pictures as we could before we threw the boys in the mix for the weekend!

Rachel sent all of us off with bridal gifts – complete with robes, makeup bags, and earrings for the wedding! We were officially ready for the pre-wedding bridal suite party!

And so we concluded the cutest bridal luncheon with hugs and a buzz of excitement for the main event! Coming soon. But I’m off to the beach with the hubby for his unit lunch (gotta love living in North Carolina) and then to meet my parents after their 18 hour drive here! Happy Friday!

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