Grant & Rachel’s Welcome Party

Grant and Rachel’s wedding festivities continued after the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, as everyone headed over to Grant’s apartment (and soon-to-be Rachel’s apartment!) for a rooftop welcome party. Can I just take a moment to talk about how refreshing it is to see the roots of a Godly marriage from the start? Rachel chose to live with her aunt (check out her amazing bridal party she hosted here!) in DC until they were actually married. Despite the inconvenience of traveling back and forth to see each other, the money not saved, and all of the other factors used to justify living together pre-marriage, Grant and Rachel chose to save moving in together until after the wedding and I am so happy for them! This is something we chose to do as well, and the excitement of moving in together and starting our first home together as a married couple was so FUN and EXCITING! I get the logistical argument of today’s society, but respectfully disagree with it. If you’re on the fence about it, I urge you to save the married part of life for MARRIAGE! It’s something we have zero regrets about. We’ve grown together and are stronger for it. If you really need to see if you can stand living with someone before you marry them – I highly doubt they’re the person God designed for you to do life with. It may not be the cool or popular thing to do. It certainly wasn’t when I was in college and I sadly heard all kinds of discouragement from my peers. But we are so blessed with the opportunity to STAND UP and bear witness to our peers and let them see through the faithfulness of our marriages that God designed the biblical marriage for a reason, and it certainly wasn’t to file joint taxes. We certainly aren’t perfect, but by the grace of God we are growing together and closer to Him. We are more in love than ever and we are so excited for Grant and Rachel to embark on the amazing gift of marriage! 

By the time we made it to the welcome party, the rain stopped, and we were welcomed with a 360 degree view of the nation’s capitol completely lit. This included a spectacular view of the Washington monument and the US Capitol! 

Guests arrived and the party kicked off! Since I really grew up with Rachel (friends since 5th grade!), a lot of her family friends became my family’s friends! I was so excited to see so many people I hadn’t seen in five or ten years, and reconnect! Rachel was a gracious host and Steve even found a few old vets to talk to! 

Bear with me this post. A whole lot of pictures of Grant and Rachel’s family and friends! 

Even the grandma’s were partying it up! 😉 

Coolest grandma’s ever! I popped out from behind the camera to snap a quick picture with this girl. Megan and I grew up together as well – she was Rachel’s next door neighbor. Her sweet family put up with me hanging out at their house all the time by association of Rachel. She also went to boarding school to play hockey, and both of our husbands are hockey players too! Needless to say, we have a lot in common with this sweet couple. She and her fiancé are engaged to be married next year, and I am so excited for their next season of life together! In my hypothetical world where all of the people we love don’t live so far away, they’d be there to go on couple dates! We had so much fun reconnecting and hanging out with them for the two nights of the wedding (we got to sit together for the wedding reception dinner the next night!) and I wish we could have spent more time together!

And so the party continued into the night as I’m pretty sure we confused a whole lot of people who heard Garth Brooks and the Oklahoma State University fight song ring from the rooftops of DC. With Grant’s family and friends from Oklahoma and Rachel’s from Kansas, there was a whole lot of country in that city that weekend! 

This couple could have already been married and off on their honeymoon, and I’m pretty sure all of the guests would have thought the trip to DC was already worth it! And it wasn’t even the wedding day yet! Next up – pictures from the bridal suite! 

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