Grant & Rachel’s Wedding

So all these pre-wedding posts to culminate in this final (I promise!) Grant & Rachel wedding post. To start off, I take a lot of pictures on this blog, but these aren’t mine! I hope one day to be as talented of a photographer as she is, but these images are all taken by the amazing Abby Grace Photography. In DC and need a wedding photographer? Hiiighly recommend her. So onto Grant and Rachel. Rachel and I have been best friends for about 17 years (ah! crazy!), and dreamt about our weddings together since we were little kids. We literally sat at her parents’ kitchen table and cut pictures from wedding magazines and Pottery Barn catalogues, making our “life books” with a pair of scissors and a glue stick. These books were filled with engagement rings and wedding dresses and our dream nurseries for our future babies with our theoretical husbands. It was our 1998 equivalent of Pinterest. Since we were so close through our middle school, high school, and college years, so you can bet we knew every boy the other liked and every detail about anyone we dated. (This list was very, very short for both of us so it’s not exactly hard to remember, ha!).
We shared the philosophy of dating with the intent of finding the man you would marry – why waste your time on someone you didn’t want to spend your life with? So when Rachel would tell me about this guy named Grant all through college, and didn’t stop mentioning him, I had the sneaking suspicion there was something more. And when she started skipping out on her trips to Kansas on college breaks to spend time with her “just friend” Grant on his family’s ranch, she was either lying to everyone or just in plain denial. I remember when she came clean about “just friend” Grant after she kissed him at an Oklahoma State athletic game and called me afterward. Y’all, that was a big deal. Rachel is a catch. She would never tell you all of this, but she was student body president and homecoming queen and the captain of her high school sports teams and sorority president AND graduated in the Top 10 seniors of Oklahoma State University. The list goes on, but I won’t bore you. In her Dad’s speech at the reception, he told the story of walking her across the football field for homecoming court as they read her accomplishments, and when the announcer kept talking, and talking, and talking, she whispered to him, “Dad, we’re going to have to walk a little slower.” I tell you this because she never would. She is one of the most humble, kind, and thoughtful people you will ever meet. Anyone who gets to be friends with her is so blessed, and you can’t say a bad thing about this girl. So when she told me that Grant “just friends” was starting to be a little more than friends, it was a big deal. And truth be told, all I could think was that this Grant “more than friends” better not mess this up or her will have some serious regrets. But he didn’t! Grant is equally as impressive and genuine person as Rachel! Also in the Top 10 seniors, fraternity president, and now Georgetown Law graduate with a job at a law firm in DC. Y’all, they’re the definition of a power. couple. They spent the last few years falling in love and wedding planning in DC, so it was only fitting that they stood in the middle of this great city among our nation’s monuments and all of their closest family and friends vowing to serve God and each other for the rest of their lives. I’ll try to keep the rest of this short, since I’ve already used 250% of my word quota introducing this post (ha!), but I make no promises. 
Rachel is a beautiful person, inside and out. One of those people that leaves you feeling better every time you talk to them.
 Everyone was jokingly calling this the wedding of the century, but it really was an amazing wedding. But in all the greatness of the DC setting and pretty flowers, the thoughtfulness on behalf of Grant and Rachel, their love for each other, and love for everyone at the wedding was so obvious in all of the little details. The wedding was beautiful on the surface, but it was the deep love shining through all of the weekend that made it truly special.

And finally, (five posts later, ha!), time to get hitched! 
Up until 9:00 that morning, they were still wondering if they could pull off an outdoor wedding. Despite the perfect sunshine you see in this picture, the forecast was downpour, for the whole weekend, and up until this morning it rained a whole lot. When I walked through the venue with Rachel eight months earlier, she had very few “needs.” Y’all, she was the most laidback bride ever. Her attitude through the whole day was that at the end of the day, she was going to be leaving with Grant, married to the love of her life. But one thing she really wished for was an outdoor wedding, so we all had our fingers crossed and I updated my weather app more that weekend than I do my Instagram feed in two weeks. But the outdoor wedding was meant to be, because they could not have had a more spectacular day.




And so after the wedding, a cute little cocktail hour, and 14 mini tacos strategically taken from different serving platters so the waiters didn’t realize I actually ate 14 mini tacos, we headed inside the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building for the reception. Everything about this wedding was clean and classic and simply beautiful. And the food did not only look pretty – but it was delicious! If you haven’t figured out yet – I was hungry! Being a bridesmaid is hard work ;)
The party went on into the night, complete with a flash mob that had everyone dying laughing one minute, and dancing the next.

Of course, no wedding would be complete without a photobooth. And it didn’t even take any extra convincing to get that hubby of mine in there! I think he was so thrilled to have an entire weekend away (our first since our trip to Spain in January!) to spend completely together, reminiscing on our wedding six short years ago!

At the end of the night, Rachel and Grant were off to their honeymoon, leaving their guests smiling after such a fun night of laughter and dancing. Y’all, this wedding was as fun as it looks. 

After all of the hustle and bustle of the day, we took one quick picture of just us. Being married is simply the best. I always have the best time doing life with him.

And so we headed back to good old Camp Lejeune the next day after a quick stop at Arlington National Cemetery with some friends. And so ended our crazy six weeks of traveling (we were gone 5/6 weekends!) and we finally get to stay put for the summer. And now that Mitchell’s birthday beach bash went of without a hitch, it is time to RELAX. I’m vowing to have the laziest summer ever. As soon as I catch up on laundry 😉


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