Mitchell’s 3rd Birthday

Somewhere in the mix of all our craziness and travel, Mitchell’s birthday snuck up on us. With a “gap” weekend before the big beach bash we sent out invitations before, I found some time to plan his celebration. The extent of that was raiding my parents’ beach condo for some decor and supplies and ordering some cupcakes. Besides going home with sand EVERYWHERE (our car is covered still), there is going wrong with a get together at the beach. Mitchell had all kinds of friends there – Marine Corps friends, Mommy’s work friends, Daddy’s work friends, bible study friends, and Grandma & Grandpa Brim! Here at Camp Lejeune, you can rent these beach cabanas for super cheap. They come complete with a shade and sand shower, a picnic table, and beach access. They needed up being perfect for Mitchell’s birthday party and we got two – one for the party and one for the pool! 

Thankfully people showed up a little late… giving us time to finish setting up. People filled in on the beach as they arrived. The day of the party fell on one of the Marine Corps’ annual training events (Bold Alligator), so there was a big old ship and some cool boats on the horizon all afternoon! A huge advantage to Marine Corps duty stations is that they’re always pretty close to the beach – and our last two stations have had a beach on base! 

Grandparents are always a huge help for wrangling kids and keeping them entertained! I loved watching this sweet moment with my Dad and Julia! I have pictures just like this (on the farm, not on the beach though) with him at that age – a little crazy to think it’s my his grand babies loving up on him now and I’m all grown up! 

 The waves were shallow and small, which was perfect for Mitchell’s very first stab at boogie boarding! Steve took him out there and we were amazed that he could actually ride the waves. That boy had a BLAST! He was loving it! He could actually balance on the waves and ride them in. It’s the first summer he’s actually enjoying playing at the beach instead of just eating sand and it’s as much fun for us as it is for him! 

Mitchell’s friend Sadie joined the party! These kids grow up so fast. She’s gained some serious speed since the last time we visited them at Parris Island, and it was so fun to see her running around in the sand! 

Tell me that swimsuit is not the most DARLING thing you’ve ever seen! I could not get over it! Bible study friends are the best, and we can’t wait to celebrate her birthday next month! I threw our little blow-up pool in the beach stuff pile and I was so glad I did! We blew it up, threw a bunch of toys in, and the little kids loved it! It ended up being the perfect way to keep the littlest ones out of the sun, relatively sand free, and the parents close to the food 😉 

After everyone arrived, Mitchell started opening up his presents. He was so beyond a nap and I was basically saying yes to everything at this point to avoid a birthday boy meltdown. One day without discipline won’t hurt, right? This boy got seriously spoiled. For a kid who didn’t need anything and not giving out any suggestions, he sure got some perfect toys! He was in hog heaven. We keep the toys in the house pretty minimal, so it’s pretty exciting for him to have some variety around here now. He got a Woody & Buzz set, a bunch of ocean creature bath toys (perfect since he thinks he needs to bathe four times a day), a helicopter, police car, a coloring book to replace last year’s coloring book that is almost full!, a pretty sweet lego, hot wheels, some cool superhero outfits (photoshoot coming), and plenty more. 

We moved onto cake and food.

Last but not least, water balloons. 

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