Father’s Day 2016

Moving on to Father’s Day! Since Mitchell’s birthday fell so close to Father’s Day this year, we threw the party on the same weekend. And since my Dad came out for the occasion, we got to spend Father’s Day together! Sadly Steve’s parents couldn’t make it for the weekend, but at least we had one grandpa in the house. We started off the day going to church. I’ll be honest and say we were still catching up on sleep and the last thing I wanted to do was get my butt out of bed for the early service on Sunday morning. But I was sure glad I did. It was one of those weeks that God used Pastor Jason to speak right to us. Of all the days of the year to preach about the story of Stephen and his testimony and willingness to sacrifice himself to deliver it was Father’s Day. The day we were celebrating my husband who is named Stephen. Our God continues to blow me away every time He makes it abundantly clear that I need to open up my ears and my heart and listen up.


After  church, we met Grandma and Pop Pop back at the house. They were about like me that morning and didn’t want to get out of bed either. They were staying at the beach, and I can hardly blame them for wanting to spend their vacation vacationing. We had a little lunch of Subway sandwiches leftover from the birthday party the day before. Then we pulled out presents. I was pretty proud of myself this year. It’s hit and miss with holiday gifts for us – if I have a really good idea, we’ll go all out. But if we can’t think of anything we really want, we stay sweet and simple and call it good. But this year was an all out year, and one of the best parts was that my idea was perfect for my dad and husband. We got them Pact Timers. These are little machines that beep in various increments of time and used on gun ranges to measure shooting times. Basically like a metronome for guns. You can set these puppies to give the shooter two seconds of time and it can measure the distance between two gunshots. This kind of data can help you train for proficiency, speed, and accuracy. They’re both in a line of work where shooting skills are necessary, and they also happen to enjoy shooting too, so they’re all around useful for everything! These guys are chomping at the bit to get to the range to test them out. The best part was, it was something neither of them had on their list and something they both love! We’d already got my Dad a few books (an Oliver North book and a book about Arlington National Cemetery), so he got extra spoiled this year. Mitchell had fun delivering the gifts and helping throw the tissue paper too 😉

After lunch and naps, we threw on our swimsuits and made the quick walk to the pool. 

And back to the house we went for some animal crackers and the third bath of the day. They love when Grandma and Grandpa are here to give them baths over… and over… and over. I’m all for cleanliness but two baths per day is about where I hit my motherly sanity. 

Father’s Day 2016 was a success – and I got it on the blog in less than a week. Woohoo!  

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