Finding Nemo on the Lawn

Mitchell and Julia are hitting the ages where we can go out and do things as a family that they actually enjoy. Things that Mitchell will remember and talk about later. Things we can tell him about on the way in the car and he actually understand what we’re doing. Sounds so silly, but it’s fun finding activities for him now! Last weekend our church hosted a movie on the lawn. They had a big screen with Finding Nemo at sunset.
With… (the ultimate excitement for Mitchell)… cop-corn!!! (Popcorn, ha!) We pulled up and all he could talk about was Nemos and copcorn and he had us cracking up!

In the interest of full disclosure, sunset wasn’t until after 8pm, so this girl was over an hour and a half past her bedtime before the movie even started. And I’m sure she would have fallen asleep, but (against my husband’s oh-so-reasonable and definitely wise advice), I kept taking her out of her little stroller cocoon to say hi to people we knew. So she never fell asleep like we were banking on. Even after she drank her milk and Mitchell’s milk.

Once it got dark, the movie started – what a cool idea for the church to reach the community through a fun family night like this! It was a little bit late for us and it was pretty humid, but we stuck it out as long as we could, because it really was a fun family night!

Eventually Mitchell lost interest and wondered off into the open field. And while that boy LOVES Finding Nemo (it was his third viewing that week, ha!), he started a self-proclaimed intermission and ran around in the open field. (Our cue for bedtime).

I’m constantly recommending things here at Camp Lejeune, and Jacksonville First Baptist is at the top of that list. We were so fortunate at this duty station to find a church home on the first weekend we tried. I don’t think you could even call it a search. We’ve since been stationed in Florida (before getting stationed back in North Carolina), and actively searched for a church there without ever finding one. So, if you’re moving to Camp Lejeune and you’re looking for a church that cares about families and has an amazing children’s ministry? Give it one Sunday! You won’t regret it!

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