Morgan & Caden

Hi y’all! Exactly ten years ago I was spending my summers with these two little kids, nannying for their family back in Kansas. These two kids have grown up into beautiful teenagers, and when we were back in Kansas for my mom’s retirement party in May, their mom asked me to take some pictures of them. There’s nothing more flattering as a photographer than friends and family trusting you to capture these moments – and then hanging them on their wall! I was beyond excited when I saw their mom post this picture.
So here are some of my favorites of the day. I tired to narrow it down but it was oh-so-hard because this kids are so darn cute. I realize they’re teenagers but it’s just so hard to think of them that way. I can only imagine how it’s going to feel when it’s my own kids this grown up, doing things like going to high school and driving themselves to work.

That’s all. A quick post of some beautiful kids. Such a sweet family. I sure miss them out here in North Carolina, and I’m trying my very best to get their momma to put Morgan on a plane out here for a North Carolina vacation if she ever gets a break from her soccer and journalism! If you’re still reading along with me, have a fabulous long weekend! Happy almost Fourth of July!

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