Fourth of July 2016

Besides the fact that our concert was cancelled after two songs and they cancelled the fireworks, our Fourth of July wasn’t a complete bust. We started out the day with a family breakfast and trip to the pool. After last weekend’s swimming lesson spent entirely and unsuccessfully trying to convince Mitchell to get in the pool (by the extremely patient swim instructor, I must add), he decided to SWIM (with water wings) for the very first time without clinging to Mommy for dear life! Woohoo! We’ll see how next week goes. After about a half hour of Mitchell exclaiming “I swimming Mommy, I swimming!” But then the dark clouds rolled in and we had to forcibly remove a very unhappy little fish with his newly discovered fins from the pool, so we could walk home and beat the rain. (After we walked home from a birthday party early the day before for lightning and rain!) Storms were kind of the theme of our weekend if you haven’t figured it out yet. So breakfast, pool, naptime, and then our sweet friends had us over for an afternoon cookout, where we filled ourselves up on hotdogs and baked beans before the main event. They just had a sweet little baby, and holding her did nothing but fuel the baby fever fire – she’s nearly two months and oh so sweet! So after we wrapped up there and left our plate of the ugliest (but delicious!) batch of deviled eggs I’ve ever made, we were off to the fireworks. Or so we thought.
A quick side note – the Fourth of July is special night for us. It was the sixth anniversary of Steve’s proposal. Best yes I’ve ever said, because look where we are now!
Camp Lejeune puts on a great Fourth of July celebration every year. We hadn’t had the chance to go since 2012 – last year we spent  the Fourth of July at Martha’s Vineyard, and the year before that in Florida.
We planned to go with the event with the families of a few other women in my bible study. We all live in the same neighborhood and are married to Marines and have toddlers, so we’re never short of things to talk about.
This family was cracking me up with their classic Old Navy Fourth of July t-shirts. Anyone else see the picture floating around this year about having to wear these if you were a child of the nineties? Well, I was, and my brother and I definitely did.


It’s always fun to have friends with red-headed babies too!


Mitchell loves his little friend, Brayden. I wrote about their day filled with swimming and hockey back here!
And so the kids played and ate fruit snacks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as we speculated whether the incoming storm clouds were going to rain on our parade. And they did, literally. After about four hours of waiting in the heat, Kelly Pickler came on!

Buuuuut she only played two songs before they literally took the microphone out of her hand and called the show off, darn it. It was a mad dash to the car with everyone else because of the lightning storm that was quickly taking over. But all-in-all, it was a great day, two songs or not. We got to listen to the Marine Corps Rock Band (I didn’t even know there was such a thing – and they were pretty darn good!). We spent the day with friends and lounging, and luckily they rescheduled the fireworks for the following night!
So… Fireworks, round two. As much as we wanted to drag everyone out in their cute red, white, and blue outfits on the parade field at 9:00 at night, in the heat, for the second night in a row, we really didn’t. Instead, we threw some throw pillows and blankets in the back of our car, did our usual dinner/bath/pajama routine, and buckled up in the car seats instead of bed! Since we both had to be awake for work early the next morning, it made for an easy transition from car to bed when we got home. We didn’t even bring their shoes!


Julia was the SWEETEST during fireworks. She snuggled right up next to me with her bottle and watched intently. Mitchell was “hiding” for the first half of the show. And when I say hiding, he was over in the corner of the trunk watching them out of the side window. He’d say, “Momma, I scared!” But by the end of it, he warmed up, and was watching along with the rest of us, exclaiming, “Stars! Pretty!” Also, on the way to the fireworks, Steve and I were asking Mitchell what our names are. It’s so fun now that he’s talking and we can have funny conversations with him. Steve is “Daddy” and I am “pretty.” I made him repeat it three times, and we were dying laughing. If he wants to call me pretty, I’ll take it! Thanks Mitchell 😉 
In other news, it was also Grandpa Martin’s birthday, so happy birthday to him!!!
We’re well into July! A few things are up in the air right now for the future. Aren’t they always in the Marine Corps. But, my husband is working so hard on a bunch of things right now, both educationally and professionally, and we’re so, so proud of him! We’re wrapping up the last week of my little bible study before a mid-summer break. Mitchell is working hard at his speech therapy and swim lessons. And Julia is crazier than ever, in both the curly hair and temper tantrum departments!

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