Tuesday Nights

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of this fellowship I’ve grown to love so much, so it’s about time it gets its own blog post. About a year ago, I connected with a few girls in our neighborhood seeking to make friends, specifically looking for sisters in Christ who desired to form a fellowship in our community. This fellowship has allowed us to build friendships, find support, and strengthen each other’s daily walk with God. All of  us are military wives. All of us are mothers. We all live in the same community. Long story short, with my crazy work schedule, none of the bible studies through our church were possible. They all seemed to be during the day, which would be ideal if I was a stay-at-home mom, but alas I’m not. Maybe someday, but a lot of prayer and talking has us feeling like I’m in the right place, for now. One afternoon during a nice long walk with Zoe and Loki through our neighborhood, I started thinking. These walks seem to be where I do my best thinking. There are a lot of homes in our neighborhood, and I couldn’t possibly be the only one yearning to find sisters in Christ in this military community. Coupled with the fact that people move in and out of our neighborhood at a cyclic rate (thank you military), I was feeling like I knew far too few neighbors. And it was there and then, as I pushed my double stroller with a German Shepherd on each side, that God placed it on my heart to start this group. I had no idea how I was going to do it. I didn’t know anyone, I’d never led a bible study or life group, and I’d be trying to invite a bunch of strangers over to my house with the hope it wouldn’t be awkward. After some prayerful thought and conversations with friends, I reached out via social media and here we are a year later. 

Looking back I realize I should have done this so much earlier. God gave me all the resources to start this group, and now it seems like it took me forever to hear his word. We moved into a neighborhood without any kind of Christian women’s group. We have a huge kitchen table that seats eight comfortably, but we’ve definitely had 13 of us sitting around it on occasion. We have a playroom that is perfect for the kids and a backyard to send them off to play if it gets too crazy. We are incredibly blessed, but all of it is truly God’s. These are his gifts, so Tuesday nights we open our doors to women in our community to come hang out, talk, pray, laugh, cry, or simply come listen. It’s been such a blessing for all of these women to come into my life and I’ve learned so much from so many of them. I spent all of Steve’s deployment looking forward to Tuesday nights because I knew the house would be loud and crazy and get messy with the company of all these families. It’s such a blessing that we are able to spend every Tuesday in each other’s company and have formed these friendships in the process! If you are at all considering joining a Christian women’s group, I urge you to do it. If you’re thinking about starting one, why not?! Nearly a year later, I stand here humbled and so excited for what the future holds! And so last Tuesday, we finished up our third session, and held a pot luck for all of the families. My heart was singing with joy seeing all of the kids swinging on the play set in the backyard!


The adults hung out inside for the most part and there was so. much. food. We had a taco-themed potluck and it was delicious. I just love it when our dining room looks like this.

And our playroom looks like this. (This was right after the big kids wreaked havoc in here and then all ran out to the backyard!)

I love it when the bar top is filled with food. 

When all of the seats at the table are filled. 

And listening to all of the Marine Corps stories our husbands tell, which will someday be taught to our children and grandchildren in schools during history class.

And tell me this isn’t the best view from my sink while I cook dinner. 

And so we wrapped up our third session and talked about number four. It’s been trial and error with this group, and what we’ve found is that we like doing book studies, so we read a chapter or two every week and work out way through books together. We just wrapped up Desperate, and we’re excited about our newest book – The Best Yes. I’ve heard great things about this book, so I can’t wait to dig in! We’ve found we do best when we read just a few chapters with time to discuss, and take a break between books so we come back feeling excited and refreshed!


And so we wrapped up the night and our spring/summer together. Time to start reading this next book and getting ready for the fall! How am I talking about fall already?!?!

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