Julia Eighteen Months

Eighteen months. Closer to two than one. This girl is growing up right before our eyes every single day. A few days ago, I wrote about our little trip to Boston. Just Julia and me – we left the boys at home. While we were going there for a purpose, it was still 48 hours of just us girls and time to spend together. It was the sweetest weekend to dedicate totally to her, loving up on her, and giving her all of my attention.

Our biggest change recently is that we transitioned to the big girl bed. I ordered the rails to the bed and installed them, gave the crib away to a family in our neighborhood, and totally committed to the bed transition with zero back out plan. We transitioned Mitchell out of the crib at eighteen months also (Julia was born and he got evicted), but our reasoning for Julia was a little different. Honestly, it was because her room always felt so cramped with the full-sized canopy bed and crib in there, so I wanted to get it out of there ASAP. She could climb in and out of bed successfully with a chair, so we went for it. Y’all, I don’t even know if I could call it a transition but she LOVES IT. I don’t blame her, it’s the comfiest bed and she has so many cozy blankets now. Last night, Steve put her to bed for a late nap at 4:30 PM, and we didn’t hear from her until THE NEXT MORNING! She is good for a several hour nap and/or 12 plus hours of sleep. She’s a little pill if she doesn’t sleep. We’re holding tight to our 6:30 bedtime. Mitchell’s bedtime as a baby was always 7:30 (it’s 8:30 now), but it’s pretty obvious that she needs to go down at 6:30 and she’s always happy to go to sleep. It’s a little bitter sweet for me, because on our long days when we can’t pick her up from daycare until 5:45, it means we do dinner, bath, and bed, and that’s about all of the Julia we get. But you won’t find me complaining about having a strong sleeper in the family. She looks so tiny in her big girl bed, but so grown up at the same time. I’ll talk about the transition and the room transformation in a little more depth in another post on another day.

The biggest difference between Mitchell and Julia is that this girl is NEEDY. She will turn the temper tantrums off and on light a light switch when she wants something.

Julia’s vocabulary is growing by the day. Lately she’s completely mastered “Daddy” and “Bobo.” When I pick her up from daycare and she sees me, she runs over for a hugs, throws her hands out to her side with her palms up, shrugs her shoulders, and asks, “Daddy?” When we walk to Mitchell’s classroom, she shouts “Bobo!” the whole time. She exclaims “backpack,” like she’s proud she knows the name. When I ask her to repeat things, she tries her hardest and it’s so darn cute. The speech is another huge difference with Mitchell, because he got a late start on this part.

Julia’s favorites… her blankie (she loves her pink one and giraffe one but any blankie will do). A pacifier works wonders at bedtime, but she generally goes without during the day. Bath time. A tall bottle of milk (especially before bedtime). Animals. And her Melissa & Doug baby doll. She loves carrying that thing around by its arm. She’ll rock the baby, love the baby, burp the baby, cover it in blankets, and change her diaper. She’s going to make the best big sister someday!

Some firsts coming up for Julia. She has her eighteen month doctors appointment and first dental appointment coming up. Her baby bestie Olivia is coming back to visit her in a few weeks, and I just know they’re going to have so much fun together! We’re going to be fitting as many pool trips in as we can, because before we know it, it will be fall again and we’ll be talking about things like Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving!

This girl is so much fun. She puts a smile on everyone’s face and is a shining light to all. She’s mostly silly, and sweet when she needs to be. She passes out hugs and kisses now and will try to chase down any animal in sight. I can’t wait to get this crazy-haired girl to a zoo someday.

So there’s a quick update on Julia for you. This weekend is going to be full of swim lessons, birthday parties, Aunt Lindsay, and church! (I might even get to sneak out for a girls night and second shoot a military homecoming!) Happy Saturday. Happy weekend. Happy Julia!

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