Weekend Recap

We kicked off this weekend with friends! Actually, we kicked of Thursday with friends, but they arrived past my bedtime so they let themselves in and went to bed (that’s how your know they’re best friends) and we saw them after we got home from work on Friday. My friend Lindsay has been here the last TWO weekends and I could really get used to it. It almost feels like they are our neighbors in base housing once again and I love it. I am pretty sure we won’t be seeing them until October now, so we’re soaking up the visit while we can. After work on Friday, I threw on non-office clothes and we caravanned to one of our favorites – Mike’s Farm. Southern food that just keeps coming until you can’t eat anymore. I don’t know who Mike is, but we really really like his farm. 

Take two mom-togs out to dinner and you can bet our husbands weren’t surprised that we insisted on a group picture. 

I’ve decided I love doing swim lessons and church on Saturday, because it leaves us NOTHING to do on Sunday. Saturday morning was lazy with cartoons while I prepped for the day/weekend. 

The dogs were happy to have a few extra hands around for scratching. 

Lindsay and I found a few minutes to sneak out for a kidless Target/Old Navy Run and it’s amazing the difference in shopping kidless. I have time to try on everything I bring in the dressing room. And send selfies to the hubby to get his opinion. I’ve officially decided that Christmas shopping will be 1000% online or solo this year. 

This weekend’s swim lesson was successful! More on that later. But he got in the water, so that alone makes it our best swim lesson to date. Ha!

We hit the Saturday night church service this week. It was baptism week, and that’s always a personal favorite. I’ve recently joined a new photography team and church and was blessed with the opportunity to photograph the baptisms! I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new adventure. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me here! 

It was a rough Saturday for Julia all around. Her runny nose had me thinking she’s not feeling her best. The (Saturday night) Sunday School teacher said she was up and down through Sunday School, and when a friend told me she was crying when she picked up her daughter, I was convinced. Fast forward to Saturday night when she was so delighted she had TWO blankies to carry around and she came running into the kitchen to show me. As I was doing the dishes, with the door down. Picture Julia flying in the kitchen full speed, stepping on blankie, falling face first, all of her weight caught by the bridge of her nose on the edge dishwasher door. I watched it happen but had no time to stop it. That sound is still haunting me. I was convinced she broke her nose from the sound alone. She shockingly only cried for about 30 seconds, because my heart cried a whole lot longer than that. That’s what we get for letting her stay up until 7:15 pm when she has a pretty strict 6:30 bedtime. Not because we want her to go to bed insanely early. I’d much rather the opposite because when I work I barely get to see her. But she simply doesn’t function in the evenings and needs that time to sleep. So needless to say, she was plenty ready to lay down in her pack&play (visitors) after we cleaned up her nose injury. 

We had exactly one thing on our to do list for Sunday – go to the pool. We spent the majority of the afternoon at the pool with all three kids. Somehow the husbands convinced us they should stay home and watch TV in the A/C. Actually, the hubby had a finals-week-insane amount of homework, so he worked on that all day while we tried to keep the house as quiet as we could. 

These two kids have been friends since the beginning. I can’t wait to see their pictures together when they grow up. Can you imagine this same pose as teenagers?? I need to stop myself before I get all sad because they actually look like they could be teenagers. My sweet little boy is growing up before our eyes. 

Of course, we never have any “good” pictures together because one of us is always behind the lens, but I love having photog friends. Especially since I didn’t even pull out my camera the whole trip to the pool. Now, if I can just get her to forget my lens when they leave this week, I’ll be all set. 

Because we didn’t get enough water this weekend between swim lessons and the pool, we pulled out the sprinkler for some Sunday evening fun. It’s HOT here and we’re up for any way to cool off. 

Mitchell insisted on wearing his goggles in the sprinkler. I know I’m totally biased but c’mon. T-shirts and undies in the sprinkler? They are the CUTEST. 

Julia insisted her baby doll play in the sprinkler too. That poor baby has had it pretty rough in the six months she’s been with us 😉 

And here’s the boy with the sun-kissed cheeks that insists on taking four baths a day. Y’all, he INSISTED on wearing that puddle jumper in the bathtub. Which I’ll admit was funny, but had me doing a Level 10 eye roll after he threw the BIGGEST fit three hours earlier because he didn’t want to wear it at the pool. To the point where people were staring. But when we got home, he begged to put it on in the sprinkler AND the bathtub. If I understood the mind of a toddler, I would write a book of secrets for fellow mothers and make a million dollars. But until then, safety first. Floaties in the bathtub. 

And so, we picked out our favorite fire truck pajamas and retreated to the backyard to watch this beautiful sunset. We get the prettiest sunsets on this side of our yard and they never cease to amaze me. Mitchell’s little clubhouse is the perfect little hideout to watch them, too. 

This weekend is the weekend that keeps on giving. I LOVE it when my day off is a Monday because it give me a whole extra day to get ready for the week. And trust me, I’m feeling a whole lot like I need an extra day lately. Mitchell and I will spend Monday at speech therapy, the eye doctor, and crossing a few things off the old to do list. Oh, and getting ready for our next round of visitors. Another one of our favorite military families (who left us for another duty station) is on the highway, headed our way as I type! 

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