Sick Day

Holy cow. This week kicked our butts and then some. It actually started about two weeks ago when work exploded in my face and I didn’t have any days off for nearly two weeks. Add some fifteen hour days in there and I was barely making time to shower when I got home from work before I fell asleep. I need my weekends. That’s when I sleep and clean, because if we’re honest, not much of either of those activities happen during the week. So when last Friday finally arrived, I was excited. Thrilled. More than ready. Mitchell’s class seemed to have a stomach bug floating around and Mitchell ended up being one of three kids that got it. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, and then Saturday happened. And I got it. Without getting into the glorious details, it was about seven hours of losing my lunch every ten minutes before Steve insisted we take a trip to the ER. It was bad. My amazing husband, who I’ll add was pretty darn sick with his own cough/cold/congestion crud, loaded up both kids in the middle of the night, the stroller, got me in the car, got all of us in the ER, talked to the nurses and doctor for me since I was barely coherent, watched all of us while I finally slept for a few hours. Those IV’s and anti-nausea medication were an absolute lifesaver. Once they finally let us out of the ER, Steve got all three of us loaded up in the car. We all slept while he went back into the pharmacy and filled my prescriptions. Brought us back home. Got all of us back in bed. Only to wake up to me still sick a few hours later. We spent 100% of Sunday on the couch. Monday and Tuesday more sick days… and it feels like it might never end.

Benefits of being sick. Guiltlessly watching eight hours of the Olympics. Feeling absolutely no pressure to clean a messy house. Endless toddler snuggles. Afternoon couch naps. Five day weekend. And losing ten pounds in two days. Ha! Thankfully, I’m feeling a little more human for the first time in a few days, though I certainly didn’t count on it when I dragged myself out of bed for work early this morning. But darn it, Mitchell is still feeling pretty cruddy today.

We’ve been bringing Julia over to daycare as much as possible (she escaped ALL the yuck thankfully), where she has much more fun than sitting at home on the couch watching cartoons all day. With a couple sick days to recover and we were almost back on track just in time for Grandma Brim to arrive in town. Except for the fact that I’m pretty sure Mitchell has a double ear infection, darn it. First one since the tubes, and of course I’m just assuming since he’s telling me his ears hurt and the usual ear infection symptoms. But those tubes are sure doing their job because they’re leaking out ear goo at the cyclic rate. So if you wonder what the blog silence is all about, two weeks of madness, that’s what. But we’re still here and there’s a whole lot of TMI to prove it. Here’s to two more days until the weekend to get healthy and recover – and the world’s most amazing husband! 

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