Sergeant’s Course

A quick blog post to talk about the husband! He has been working so hard a personal development, especially since he returned home from his third deployment. We could not be more proud of him! He’s got a whole slew of different things he’s juggling right now. It’s quite the balancing act, and tack on things such as taking care of his sick family all week, going to college, and his most recent endeavor of Sergeant’s Course, he has been working so hard! There are so many exciting things happening for him right now, but today we’re celebrating his accomplishment of graduating Sergeant’s Course! 


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ins-and-outs of the Marine Corps, I’ll give you a little rundown on this class. Steve kicked off 2014 with a new promotion to Sergeant! We were so proud of him – still are! Since picking up this rank, he’s accomplished a lot. Two PCS’s (military moves), a MOS (job) switch to the bomb field, a whole lot of training, enrolling in college and working toward his degree, becoming a Daddy of two, and a rockstar husband. It’s crazy to think he could fit all of that in the last year and a half, but he has. Since he’s looking toward promotion in the next few years, there are a few checks in the box that he needs before he’s eligible. Sergeant’s Course is one of them. It’s basically a six week long course with a lot of leadership training, and an emphasis on physical training. This week, this course came to a close, which is a relief since it essentially doubled his homework for the month. We’re so proud to celebrate his graduation and checking this course off of his to do list! 
There are so many exciting things coming up for the husband, but as you probably know, the military is so unpredictable that we know nothing for sure. God has certainly used this crazy military lifestyle to morph my planner heart into a patient heart. So for now we’ll be celebrating this accomplishment, and I’ll let you know what’s next when we do. 😉 

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